Xpeng starts testing Xmart OS 3.1 with improves on the Valet Parking Assist

Guangzhou based EV maker Xpeng released today the 3.1.0 Version of the Xmart Operating System. The upgrade provides an improvement on the Valet Parking Assist (VPA) increasing the range from 1km to 2kms and also the new multi-floor support . A new hill-assisted driving capability is now available with this update which is only supported in models with LIDAR system and XPilot 3.5.

Xpeng’s Valet Parking Assist (VPA) can perform memory-based automatic parking on the same level within up to 2km (up from 1km) from the memorized parking space, enhancing comfort and convenience for the driver. Based on the route set by the driver, VPA will automatically drive the vehicle from beginning to end, turning automatically, avoiding pedestrians and other vehicles, bypassing other obstacles, and finally parking automatically in the parking space memorized by the system.


However, the company advises that the Parking Function “is not fully automatic. The driver still needs to observe the environment during the use of the function”. It is also indicated that the driver shoud pass the safety test before using the function.

The Electric Vehicle manufacturer opened last week its first showroom located at the Stockholm Westfield Mall, in Sweden. The first pictures of the showroom leaked recently on Reddit Forum. Sweden is the second European Market for Xpeng after entering Norway in late 2020 with the SUV G3 Model. In this year, the company will enter Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands extending its European presence up to 4 countries.

Source: Xpeng

As a company that focuses on global opportunities, we want to be balanced with our contribution of delivery — half from China, half from outside China — in the long run.

Gu, Xpeng’s President

Xpeng sold a total of 62 vehicles in Norway during January 2022 — 45 G3 Model and 17 P7 Model. Last October, the Chinese automaker introduced its large electric sedan P7 to the Norwegian market, after the electric SUV G3 has already been delivered there since late 2020. XPeng delivered a total of 12,922 Smart EVs in January 2022, representing a 115% increase year-over-year, exceeding the monthly delivery benchmark of 10,000 units for the fifth consecutive month.

Xpeng currently builds EVs in Zhaoqing, China, but it is setting up two new domestic factories in Guangzhou and Wuhan. These new factories will increase the annual production capacity up to more than 400,000 units. With double-shift production at these plants, it will have the potential to roll out 600,000 units per year.


XPeng was recently included in the Stock Connect programs marks another important milestone for the Company. It is the first smart EV companies listed in Hong Kong to be included in the Stock Connect program. It was also the first smart EV company to achieve a dual-primary listing status on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The inclusion will not only further expand and diversify our investor base but also provide the opportunity for our customers, partners and EV and technology investors in China to participate in our exciting growth story

Brian Gu, president of Xpeng

The inclusion of the Ev maker on the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect makes it easier for international investors to trade Chinese mainland-listed stocks and investors in China’s mainland to buy and sell Hong Kong-listed shares growing the potential of investment from other investors.