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Ford CEO announces cut of about 3,000 jobs effective on September 1

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

Ford CEO Jim Farley & Executive Chair Bill Ford sent an internal e-mail to employees on Monday notifying them of jobs cut affecting about 3,000 people primarily in the U.S and Canada.

According to the report, the cut will affect 2,000 salaried and 1,000 agency jobs, and employees will now be notified of the cut, which takes effect on the first day of September.

“As you know, we are in the midst of a significant transformation of our company. Our industry and the business environment in which we operate are changing with breathtaking speed,” Ford CEO started to say.

“We have an opportunity to lead this exciting new era of connected and electric vehicles;
create the most growth and value for Ford and our stakeholders since we scaled the Model T;
and continue to make a positive difference in our customers’ lives and on society at large.

Building this future requires changing and reshaping virtually all aspects of the way we have
operated for more than a century. It requires focus, clarity and speed. And, as we have
discussed in recent months, it means redeploying resources and addressing our cost
structure, which is uncompetitive versus traditional and new competitors.

“We committed to sharing information as decisions are made along the way. As we tackle all
aspects of costs – from materials to those related to quality – we are informing some Ford
teammates this week in the U.S., Canada and at FBS in India, that their positions are being
eliminated. Overall, we are reducing our salaried workforce by about 2,000, as well as
reducing agency personnel by about 1,000. These actions follow significant restructuring in
Ford operations outside of North America over the past couple of years.

We worked differently than in the past, examining each team’s shifting work statement
connected to our Ford+ plan. We are eliminating work, as well as reorganizing and simplifying
functions throughout the business. You will hear more specifics from the leaders of your area
of the business later this week.

None of this changes the fact that this is a difficult and emotional time. The people leaving the
company this week are friends and coworkers and we want to thank them for all they have
contributed to Ford. We have a duty to care for and support those affected – and we will live
up to this duty – providing not only benefits but significant help to find new career

Thank you for all you do for Ford. Please continue to support each other, including colleagues
who are leaving the company, as we build a strong and sustainable future,” Ford’s Bill and Jim concluded.

Last week, Electrify America announced a charging agreement with Ford to allow F-150 Lightning owners to receive 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging at its ultra-fast charging stations in the U.S.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter