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EXCLUSIVE: NIO to officially enter the German Market on October 7

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

After entering the European market through Norway in 2021, the Chinese EV maker NIO will officially arrive in Germany on October 7, according to an internal memo seen by EV.

The company will hold an event to meet the User Advisory Board members in Munich on September 9, four weeks before the official market launch on October 7 in Germany’s capital Berlin.

In the memo, NIO says it would like to get to know users personally, exchange ideas with them and also “give a first look into the world of NIO”. The company added that will “be in touch shortly” with an official invitation for the event in September.


Based on its ambition of being user-centered, the company has been inviting enthusiasts from Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Sweden to join the User Advisory Board which gives members the opportunity to experience NIO’s products, technology and services.

On the official invitation for each of those markets, NIO said it believes that “the most valuable feedback on our brand, our products and our services comes from users” adding that it is looking for users who want to think along with them.

When the company entered Norway in 2021, NIO received more than 650 applications from Norwegian enthusiasts establishing the first advisory board outside China with 200 members.

After starting the renovation works at its NIO House in Berlin, the company just started the renovation on its second showroom in the country, located in Frankfurt.

According to our local source, the company started the renovation works at the NIO House in Frankfurt before expanding its showrooms to Hamburg and Munich, where it has its global design center.

On July 15, the location of the first NIO House in Germany became known. The new space has been under renovation works and it is located in a touristic area in the center of Berlin right in front of Zoo Palast and Zoologischer Garden metro station

In late July, it was confirmed that NIO will enter all four markets scheduled for the coming months with the ET7 sedan, something that was only known for Germany – and for the Dutch Market through a later deleted tweet.

According to a 13F/A-1 form filed earlier today, Goldman Sachs added a total of 5,056,875 shares in the EV manufacturer NIO increasing its position by 20.54% during the second quarter of the year.

NIO Inc. plans to enter the U.S. market in 2025 and deploy the first Battery Swap Station in the country as soon as November 2022, two people familiar with the matter told EV.

In addition, NIO is obtaining a new area behind its current headquarters in San Jose (California), where it will install in November the first Battery Swap Station for testing purposes.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter