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Location of NIO’s first store in Germany unveiled ahead of the expansion to the country

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

After expanding to Norway in September 2021, the Chinese EV maker NIO is now in the final preparations for entry into Germany. On Friday, and through a detail revealed in the presentation video of the brand’s latest SUV NIO ES7, NIO enthusiast and YouTuber Marcel discovered the exact location of the new NIO House in Berlin.

Last week, NIO Europe VP Hui Zhang confirmed Germany as the second European Market for NIO followed by Sweden, The Netherlands, and Denmark in the next months.

Here’s the sneak peek that NIO left on the video:

Based on the video’s easter egg, the NIO enthusiast went to the area looking for “renovation works going on” in “potential buildings” to serve as the next NIO House, he said.

Like the NIO House in Norway — the first in Europe — the EV manufacturer always looks for spacious 2-story buildings with large windows to the outside allowing plenty of natural light and easy visibility from the outside.


The first NIO House in Germany is located in a touristic area in the center of Berlin right in front of Zoo Palast and Zoologischer Garden metro station. The location was confirmed through the details unveiled on the notice of work where NIO is mentioned as the company responsible for the renovation.

The German market will be followed by 4 other markets until the end of the year namely the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark.

The EV maker has been adding NIO Houses always enhancing that they are much more than a showroom for its products. According to the company, these facilities include a Living Room (to relax and meet like-minded people), a Lab (to boost productivity in bookable meeting rooms and shared workspace), a Library, Forums (to spark ideas and inspiration), a “NIO Café”, and a Joy Camp dedicated to kids.

Meanwhile, the company is already preparing for the second phase of its European expansion into seven new countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. During the last NIO day — held in December 2021 — the EV maker confirmed its plan to expand its services to 25 markets by 2025.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter