NIO rolls off the first batch of ET5 trial vehicles at NEO Park

Written by Cláudio Afonso |

NIO unveiled on Friday that the first batch of NIO ET5 model production line trial vehicles officially rolled off the production line. On January 30, the electric vehicle maker announced that the production and manufacturing of ET5 Model was “in full swing” in the Hefei Factory.

The first units of the model unveiled during the last NIO Day, held last December, are expected to be delivered in September 2022. Recently, CEO William Li revealed that the NIO ET5 would also arrive in Norway and some other overseas markets during Spring 2023.

This marks that ET5 has entered a new and important production stage: the maturity of ET5 product verification and industrial commissioning has been further improved, and it is one step closer to mass production.

The construction of the production base started on April 29, 2021, and it took only one year from the breaking of ground to the commissioning of the first batch of full-process production lines, NIO said. The entire production base has been fully connected to the production line and has officially entered the verification stage of car-making.

The trial production vehicle of the full-process production line, also known as the TT (Tooling Trial) vehicle, is a trial production and commissioning vehicle for full-process production in accordance with the control plan before large-scale production.


In the TT stage, the vehicle product and process maturity will be closer to the requirements of mass production, and more extreme tests will be launched one after another. After completing the three core tasks of “mass production process document verification”, “Production line operator training” and “Verification of production line manufacturing capabilities”, the vehicle will enter the pre-production stage to prepare for mass production.

Earlier today, NIO opened its 47th NIO House in Xiamen, south-east China. The EV maker has currently 47 NIO Houses across the globe and opened its first European one in Oslo (Norway), back in September 2021. NIO Houses are an open, welcoming space for our users and community to express, share and experience memorable moments together, the company states.

NIO reached on Wednesday a total of 500 vehicles delivered in Norway since its debut on September 30, 2021. Until now, only the ES8 Model is available but the sedan announced during NIO Day in December 2020 is arriving to the country in the last quarter of 2022.

Earlier this week, the company announced the 200,000th vehicle produced reaching “the second 100,000 units in only one year, once again setting the industry speed”. When announcing March 2022 and Q1 deliveries numbers on April 1, the company disclosed that cumulative deliveries of vehicles as of March 31, 2022 were 192,838 units.

Written by Cláudio Afonso |