NIO ES7: recently leaked photo shows some updates from the previous models

Written by Cláudio Afonso |

Last weekend (April 2), the first of NIO ES7 model without camouflage leaked on the social media platform Weibo. The image let us conclude that NIO made some updates when compared to its previous models.

Differences known so far

  • on the ES7 model, NIO adopted the upper and lower two-color body;
  • the air intake grille is eliminated on the front face;
  • the front face of NIO ES7 is the same used in like ET7, being also equipped with Aquila sensors;
  • the charging port and door handles are still similar to the first-generation models;
  • the charging port is in the front, different location from the ET7;
  • the casement concealed door handle.

Recently, NIO’s Co-Founder, Director and President just confirmed that NIO ES7 Model will be released at the end of May. Qin was asked this Tuesday about the possibility to see the new model NIO ES7 as soon as next month and responded: “Released at the end of May”.

The launch of NIO’s new five-seater SUV is now expected to happen within 8 weeks, 5 weeks later than the initial date, mid-April. The model was supposed to made its public debut at 2022 the Beijing Auto Show but Covid-19 cases surge in China may delay the event.

On January 17th, the model was spotted on the road in China under Spy Mode. These tests on the road are part of the process for any company months before launching a new model.

The international automotive exhibition was initially scheduled to take place at the China International Exhibition Center of Beijing from April 21st to April 30th. The first photos of NIO ES7 leaked on December 29th, showing some differences compared with the existing models. Deliveries in China are expected to start during Q4 2022 with the European Market receiving the first units early next year.

During the Conference held on February, Lihong Qin said: “We will officially release a brand-new new car in mid-April, which is named the Gemini (Coding name for the model). In the past, people misunderstood that it was a new brand. Officially named ES7, the model will be between ES6 and ES8. It is positioned as a medium and large five-seater SUV with an NT2.0 platform. The comfortable one is stronger. ES7 is competing with X5, the two most competitive five-seater SUVs this year.”

Lihon Qin said that NIO ES7 will target the same market that BMW X5: “ES7 is competing with X5, the two most competitive five-seater SUVs this year”. Although the company didn’t confirmed the final price yet, it is expectable to start around ¥382,000 ($60,000USD). The 2022 BMW X5 xDrive45e Plug In Hybrid costs ¥382,200 so NIO ES7 price may be around $55,000 – $65,000.

Written by Cláudio Afonso |