NIO ES7: Check the First Leaked photos of the New SUV – expected to be release in Q3 2022.

According to the Chinese Media, these are the first pictures of the new NIO SUV Model and it might be pretty closer of the release than you think. NIO ES7 is likely to be a five-seater SUV. The new model might be released at the Beijing Auto Show in 2022, and it may be delivered in Q3 in 2022.


Comparing it with the already released models from the Chinese EV, the ES7 is:

1: Equipped with NT2.0 Hardware — the layout of the watchtower is basically the same as that of ET7 and ET5 and has the ability of NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving).

2: The outflowing model is the shell of the ES6 — It is known that the ES7 will be longer than the current ES6 captain, and it is positioned between the NIO ES8 and the NIO ES6.

3: The charging port of ES7 in low located in a different area — As can be seen from the picture.

4: The intelligent cockpit hardware carried in the car is also likely to be Qualcomm Snapdragon’s 8155 processor.


The price of this new model it is estimated to be higher than the performance version of ES6. Next year the EV Maker will start delivering ET7 Sedan in March, ET5 in September and release ES7 in Q3.

The local Media posted these photos yesterday and it has been getting attention from the Investors and the enthusiasts of the Chinese EV.