Tesla delivered 936,172 electric vehicles in 2021 and set a new Quarterly Record in Q4.


Tesla delivered 308,600 vehicles in Q4, setting a new record during the last Quarter. In 2021, Tesla delivered a total of 936,172 vehicles in 2021, crushing all the expectations.

During Q4 2020, the company delivered about 181,000 vehicles and Wall Street was looking for about 176,000 vehicles to be delivered at the time of the release. The result was about a 3% beat versus expectations. This quarter, Wall Street expectations were on 275,000 units, which means Tesla beat by more than 12%.


Fourth quarter deliveries grew 71% compared with the fourth quarter of 2020. Annualy, the deliveries for this year were 936,000 – meaning a 87% rise compared with the 500,000 units delivered in 2020.

Tesla delivered on average 1.78 vehicles every minute during the whole year. In just Q4, Tesla delivered on average 2.33 cars every minute.

Source: Tesla

Number of Tesla’s delivered worldwide each year since 2015

2015: 50,580

2016: 76,230 (+51%)

2017: 101,312 (+33%)

2018: 245,240 (+142%)

2019: 367,500 (+50%)

2020: 499,550 (+36%)

2021: 936,172 (+87%)


With this Annual Deliveries Numbers, Tesla had its second highest delivery growth rate since 2015 – 87%. The highest one was from 2017 to 2018 with an increase of 142%.

Elon Musk,Tesla’s CEO, quickly reacted publicly to the great achievement of the entire team:


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