NIO unveils ES7: a $70k SUV that goes 0-60mph in 3.9s, deliveries begin in late August

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

NIO hosted on Tuesday morning a product launch event where it launched a new medium five-seater SUV with an NT2.0 platform, NIO ES7. The model was rated a five-star safety of C-NCAP and Euro NCAP tests, a Cd of 0.263 and a tarting price of RMB 468,000 ($69,700 USD).

As initially reported by EV, the company opened the reservations immediately after the event via NIO App and the deliveries are schedule to start on August 28, only 70 days after the official launch.

With an estimated range of 930km (simulated estimate according to the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle), NIO ES7 has a breaking distance 100-0km/h of 33.9m, one of the best results in the category, as said by William Li during the presentation.

The exhibition cars and test drives are expected to arrive Chinese stores in late July and the electric tow hook is expected to be available for optional installation in August, and its delivery will start as early as September 2022. The company gave no timeline for the arrival of the SUV to the European Market.


NIO Europe Vice-President Hui Zhang commented the announcement on LinkedIn enhancing the diversified features that the model offers. “ES7 can also supply power too, making a camping weekend a little more joyful, though with heated and massage function seats, acres of space and power-adjustable seatback between 23° to 31°, I would be happy to just stay in the car!”, he said.

“Smart too, it comes with Banyan, the new operating systems for the NT2 and will have the latest NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD) technology. Tempted? If you are in China, you can pre-order one now on our app with deliveries expected to start in August and prices from RMB 468,000 before subsidies. Be quick, I have a feeling ES7 is going to attract more people to join our joyful lifestyle,” he added.

The ES7 model also supports discharging of up to 3.3 kW to power the mini bar, coffee machine, and speaker when camping.

The model features a wing-shaped taillight consisted of 202 crystal-cut LED modules densely arranged and individually controlled to compose sophisticated and smooth sweeps resembling flapping wings.

In addition, the ES7 comes with an Ultra-Large Panoramic Sunroof with an openable length of up to 707 mm and an Ultra-Large Trunk with a maximum volume of 658 liters. The front seats come with heating, ventilation, massage, and the rare-in-class Air Cushion System with three air cushions. The rear seats have heating, and the Air Cushion System features three air cushions.


The complete functions of NIO’s NAD (Autonomous Driving) will fully adopt the “monthly activation, monthly payment” service subscription model, which costs 680 yuan per month. For users who purchase ES7, NIO will offer a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty, lifetime free roadside assistance, lifetime free car networking, lifetime free power exchange (up to 6 times a month), and a free exclusive charging pile.

The ES7 runs on NIO Digital System Banyan, “representing a comprehensive upgrade on computing power, graphics processing, and multimedia processing. It boasts the most powerful in-car mobile connectivity and communication, including 5G, V2X, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6, UWB, and NFC”, NIO stated.

Designed following the five-star safety ratings of C-NCAP and Euro NCAP, the ES7 “has an industry-leading hybrid body with the high-strength aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. The ultra-high strength aerospace-grade 7000 series aluminum alloy used in the main reinforced structures brings other-worldly strength”, NIO says.

NIO’s five-seater SUV supports ten drive modes, including five basic and scenario-based modes letting drivers to choose the most comfortable mode for each scenario. NIO’s Sport+ mode accelerates from 0 to 60mp/h in 3.9 seconds while the Sport mode spends two more seconds to do it, a total of 5.9 seconds. The company also offers a Comfort mode with a “Balanced performance and experience” and the ECO mode to extend the remaining range.

The ES7 is available in 3 different themes that are applied on the seats, door panels, instrument panel, steering wheel, and seat belts: Pamir Brown, Onyx Black, and Edelweiss White.

On the first day of June, NIO reported 7,024 vehicles delivered in May showing an increase year-over-year and also from the previous month, when delivered 5,074 units. On NIO App, William Li answered to customers and enthusiasts saying “Thank you all! We will continue to work hard in June”.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter