NIO is arriving France, the 8th European Market for the Chinese EV maker

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

NIO posted on Tuesday its first job vacancy located in France, the 8th European Market for the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer. “For starting our power business operations in France, we are looking for a NIO Power Network Development Lead,” NIO said on the job description. After Hungary and Austria, France is now officially on NIO‘s plan to early 2023.

In order to start building its Power Network in the country before start selling vehicles there, NIO is now looking for a candidate to “lead the development of the NIO Power Network”. Among the main tasks, it will be also responsible for “location acquisition and assessment of Power Swap & Charging network solutions in the local areas”.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the development of the NIO Power Network in France.
  • Responsible for location acquisition and assessment of Power Swap & Charging network solutions in the local areas.
  • Manage a team of 3 – 4 network development managers. You will hire them.
  • Engage with property owners, grid operators, regulatory and governmental bodies and other key stakeholders.
  • Responsible for contracting process, covering negotiation, nomination process.
  • Manage and maintain partner relationships and conduct long-term strategic cooperation plans.
  • Responsible for the local market development of power products and services.


In early May, NIO posted the first job vacancy located in Austria looking for a Head of New Business Development. The candidate will identify business opportunities and develop a robust business plan for NIO‘s market entry. In Q1 2022, Austria had an EV market share of 38%. Earlier this year, the EV maker posted the first job position based in Hungary looking for an EU SSC Finance team leader.

The company announced on Sunday that reached the 200,000th vehicle delivered, a NIO ET7 model (to an already EC6 owner) at NIO‘s Delivery Center in Liangjiang, Chongqing. On April 18, 2021, the automaker delivered the 100,000th unit representing a 13 month period for NIO to produce another 100,000 vehicles.

NIO unveiled on Friday that will increase ET7 prices by ¥10,000 ($1,474) starting from May 23. Users who pay the deposit before May 22 (inclusive) and pick up the car within 2022 can still purchase at the price before this adjustment, the company said.

On April 10, NIO confirmed the first rise in its prices for the older models starting on May 10 due to “the continued sharp increase in global raw material prices this year”. Since the beginning of the year, almost every automaker hiked the prices to be able to maintain the margins. NIO’s ES8, ES6 and EC6 models will increase ¥10,000 .

The charging giant Plugsurfing announced on Thursday that will complement NIO’s existing emobility offerings, including fast chargers and battery swap technology for NIO drivers. The company said that NIO’s vehicle central control and NIO App will be connected to Plugsurfing’s Norwegian charging network API. The integration was available to NIO drivers in Norway beginning Tuesday May 10 and is expected to expand to other European countries as NIO expansion continues.

Onsemi announced on Thursday that NIO have chosen its latest VE-Trac Direct SiC power modules for the next-generation electric vehicles. The silicon carbide (SiC)-based power modules enable the vehicles to have longer range, higher efficiency and faster acceleration. The collaboration of the two companies is expediting the commercialization of SiC technologies to bring EVs equipped with advanced semiconductor material to the market, Onsemi said.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter