Fisker CEO reveals PEAR model interior, first deliveries expected for early 2024

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

On Tuesday, Fisker CEO promised to reveal a new image of the company’s second model, Fisker PEAR during Annual Stockholders Meeting. On Wednesday, Henrik Fisker posted on Instagram the first image of PEAR’s interior. The first deliveries of the model built at Foxconn factory are scheduled for early 2024 with the company expecting to sell a million units of the model in 2027.

On the description, Fisker CEO wrote: “Fisker PEAR ‘s interior will offer a new level of storage for its segment. Design-wise, the beltline and side window area are extremely low, with a large, wraparound windscreen affording a commanding view when driving”.

In late May, the CEO said that the company expects to show a PEAR prototype earlier than originally stated: “EV below $29,900 & Revolutionary! We are current working full speed on re defining how to make an inexpensive car. Reducing parts, make them simpler. Adding technology & unique features to replace tradition! I expect, we will show a PEAR prototype earlier than I originally stated,” Henrik said via Instagram.

On May 12, Fisker confirmed that will start the production of PEAR model at Foxconn factory in Ohio. The company expects to build a minimum of 250,000 PEAR vehicles a year once the plant ramps up production. Fisker’s second model (after the OCEAN) has an expected base price below $29,900.

On May 5th, the EV maker disclosed that “there will be two other variations of the PEAR” and they will come “later in 2025 and 2026”. Fisker expects, with these 3 derivatives, to sell a million units of the model by 2027.

“But ultimately, the three derivatives, we believe it’ll enable us to sell a million PEARs a year sometime in 2027. So, fairly soon, and we think this is going to be a really important story — the growth story of Fisker in the future globally”, Fisker CEO said.

The EV startup said recently that has over 40,000 reservations for its for model, the Ocean SUV, which starts at $37,499 in the U.S. The company expects as many as double that by year-end, Fisker’s CEO said in an interview.

Last week, Fisker’s senior recruiter Larry Sherwood said on LinkedIn that the company is open to receive Tesla and SpaceX employees that exited Tesla after Musk’s warning about the end of the remote work.

“Hey Tesla and SpaceX employees, we have many remote work positions available at Fisker Inc. For our on-site roles, we are currently on a hybrid schedule of 1 to 2 days in office. Find your next career opportunity here:, the started to say”

Recently, Fisker announced that it has entered into an at-the-market distribution agreement intending to use the net proceeds that it receives for the development of the Fisker PEAR and additional vehicle development, retail development, additional technology development and general corporate purposes.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter