OPINION: Jim Cramer: NIO, DIDI and PLTR. How are they going after his Buy Ratings?

Jim said to sell NIO when it was at $2.71. Jim said to buy NIO at $65 in January 2021, at all time highs. And finally, Jim said to sell NIO in December 2021 at $32. Seems confusing, no?

Jim Cramer, the host of Mad Money on CNBC, is famous for some controversial ratings like:



(January 2021) NIO “NIO is the Chinese TESLA. Buy NIO.” – Jim said this on CNBC in January 2021 when NIO was at $66 (All-Time-High Levels at $66.99) and 11 months later, the Chinese EV made a new 52 Week Low under $28. But we have more. On Dec. 13th 2021, Jim was asked about the risk of the company being delisted from the US and he answered:

NIO is too risky, I would get out and get out soon!

Jim Cramer – Mad Money (Dec. 13, 2021)

History of his relationship with NIO is pretty confusing: Sell at $2.71, then Buy at $66 and then Sell at $32 a year later.

Source: CNBC


The “Chinese UBER” has its IPO in late June 2021 and Jim had no doubts:

(June 28, 2021) “If you want to speculate on a Chinese IPO, you’ve got my blessing to bet on DIDI. Buy as many shares as you can.” – he said on CNBC. (Left side image)

What happened to DIDI since that rating? Well, a huge slump from $18 to $5.60 six months later. (Right side image)



PALANTIR (September 17, 2021): “They are very good company and I say you should buy Palantir.” – Preciding a Bear Movement from $29 to $18 only three months later.

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