XPeng’s CEO says the G9 model will be the best SUV under RMB 500,000

Written by Cláudio Afonso | info@claudio-afonso.com | LinkedIn | Twitter

XPeng CEO He Xiaopeng wrote on Wednesday that he is “very confident in this flagship product” and that the G9 model will be the best SUV under RMB 500,000.

XPeng’s CEO Comments

“I am still satisfied with the experience and progress of NGP in the city. I am also following up on the progress of G9 recently. It just so happens that many people in my circle of friends ask about the rhythm of G9. I am here with you.

Step-by-step: At present, G9 is advancing step by step according to the original plan. Reservations will be launched in August, and the listing will be officially ushered in in September, and user delivery will be launched soon after the listing. A good product must be born at full term. I am very confident in this Xiaopeng flagship product. This will be “the best within 500,000.” For us, this means that we have done what others have not done, and at the same time, we must do what others have done better. G9 is a big five-seater smart luxury SUV!,” XPeng CEO said.


“For most people, this size is just right (nearly 4.9 meters long and nearly 3 meters away), which takes into account the needs of users in the whole scene. There is no shortage of luxury configurations at the flagship level. Each position is C position, which is not only to serve the family, but also yourself.

The best thing about this car is a number of omnipotence, regardless of appearance, space, interior, power, intelligence, safety NVH, etc., it is definitely the flagship; the big five-seater SUV must have an excellent operation and control experience! The bottom plate adjusted by a team of top German engineers makes the G9’s high-level handling comparable to that of a Porsche Cayenne. At the same time, the zero-hundred acceleration reaches 3 seconds, and the NVH quietness of the vehicle is comparable to that of a flagship GLS Maybach. It is also an important reason for you to fall in love with it,” He added.

“There is also a difference between air suspension and air suspension! The G9 is equipped with intelligent dual-cavity air suspension. The dual-cavity air springs from top suppliers are basically only available in millions of luxury cars; not only that, the air suspension can also be very intelligent and smart, and it can be more ritual. It can sense the hardware and the predictive ability of high-precision maps. Predict the road conditions in advance, take the initiative to adjust the suspension, and be thoughtful in driving. It is no exaggeration to say that we have achieved a complete re-evolution on G9, subverting industry cognition.

Let charging enter the era of overcharging! G9 has a battery life of 700 kilometers+, and is also equipped with an 800V high-voltage overcharge platform. We will gradually deploy an 800V/480kW overcharge network during the year. 5 minutes of charging, 200 kilometers of battery life”.


Starting from G9, energy replenishment has also gained a new speed. To give an inaccurate example, the charging efficiency has entered the 5G era from 2G at one time; Gg intelligence represents the highest level of production vehicles. The full-stack self-developed XPILOT intelligent driving assistance system is equipped with dual lidar and the computing power of the Orin chip is blessed.

It will be a higher-level intelligent driving assistance system. In the true sense, it realizes the whole scene from the starting point to the end point, end-to-end, the safest and easy-to-use intelligent driving assistance, hardware, software and data operation are truly four-in-one, and there is one.

G9’s intelligence is more dimensional! In addition to driving, G9 realizes the intelligence of the whole scene. For example, what we created for G9 is a VIP lounge cabin with a full sense of technology. The industry’s first 5D smart cockpit relies on self-developed hardware and software, allowing users to enjoy a full-dimensional and immersive experience in the car, whether it is watching movies, music or games.

If you fall in love with a car, you can also start with an experience you have never experienced before; there are more highlights like this, such as several interesting and innovative good things in the rear seats. Wait a minute. There will be surprises!,” the CEO concluded.

The EV maker will release its SUV XPeng G9 in the third quarter of 2022 expecting the model to become a “benchmark in its segment, both in comfort and luxury in addition to those industry-leading technologies,” as XPeng CEO said during Q1 2022 Conference Call. In the last 2 months, the SUV has been seen under spy mode in China, Portugal and now also in the Swedish city Uppsala.

Last week, the EV maker that delivered its 200,000th unit showing a higher pace when compared to May that will allow the company to report over 11,000 units delivered in June. After delivering the 100,000th vehicle in November 2021, the Guangzhou-based EV maker needed seven months to produce and deliver another 100,000 units.

“The delivery volume of 200,000 units is a firm validation of Xpeng’s product reliability and its strategy of developing full stack in-house technology,” the company said.

By the end of 2021, XPeng had sold a total of  137,953 units and year-to-date total deliveries reached 53,688 on May 31 meaning that the EV maker delivered 8,359 vehicles in the first 3 weeks of June. If the manufacturer keeps the pace until the last day of the month, XPeng will report between 11,150 and 11,500 units delivered in June.

Xpeng delivered 10,125 units in May 2022, representing a 78% increase year-over-year. In May, the company delivered 4,224 P7 , 3,686 P5, and 2,215 G3 SUVs. The company resumed double-shift production at its Zhaoqing plant beginning in mid-May as supply chains and key manufacturing areas in China started to gradually recover.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | info@claudio-afonso.com | LinkedIn | Twitter