Credit: XPeng

XPeng on pace to deliver over 11k units in June, announces the 200,000th vehicle delivered

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

The electric vehicle maker XPeng announced on Tuesday that delivered its 200,000th unit showing a higher pace when compared to May that will allow the company to report over 11,000 units delivered in June. After delivering the 100,000th vehicle in November 2021, the Guangzhou-based EV maker needed seven months to produce and deliver another 100,000 units.

“The delivery volume of 200,000 units is a firm validation of Xpeng’s product reliability and its strategy of developing full stack in-house technology,” the company said.

By the end of 2021, XPeng had sold a total of  137,953 units and year-to-date total deliveries reached 53,688 on May 31 meaning that the EV maker delivered 8,359 vehicles in the first 3 weeks of June. If the manufacturer keeps the pace until the last day of the month, XPeng will report between 11,150 and 11,500 units delivered in June.

“Reaching our 200,000-delivery milestone represents the trust of 200,000 customers. Every single delivery represents the trust we have earned from our customers – it’s a step closer to our transition to a smarter and greener future,” XPeng’s CEO He Xiaopeng noted.

Xpeng delivered 10,125 units in May 2022, representing a 78% increase year-over-year. In May, the company delivered 4,224 P7 , 3,686 P5, and 2,215 G3 SUVs. The company resumed double-shift production at its Zhaoqing plant beginning in mid-May as supply chains and key manufacturing areas in China started to gradually recover.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter