NIO launched 4 new Battery Swap Stations and the 800th is around the corner

After yesterday launch of three new Battery Swap Stations, NIO announced today the opening of another four stations, three new Super-Charging Stations and the upgrade of four stations located in Muchong area. The company is in a good pace towards the 1,300 Battery Swap Stations goal by the year end. Two of these new Stations are located in Chinese Highways.

NIO’s 790th Battery Power Station

With these new stations, the Chinese EV maker reached a total of 791 Battery Swap Stations in China.

The 788th NIO station is located in the Zhuyong Expressway, more precisely at the Dongyang Service Zone. The 789th station is located on the same highway but on the other direction ensuring the service for both ways.

The other two stations are located in Qingdao Chengyang Baolong and at the  Zhuoyuan Plaza, Chancheng in Foshan area.

NIO’s 791st Battery Power Station

NIO also announced the opening of three new Super Charging Stations and upgrades of four NIO Stations located in Muchong area.

NIO finished 2021 with 777 Stations – being 11% above the update goal established last July of 700. The annual objective was reached three weeks before the year-end.

Recently, through a Press Release, NIO asked overseas Landowners to “Become a part of our journey” and help the company spread NIO Power Stations in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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