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NIO to officially enter Denmark by the end of October, 150kWh batteries arrive in 2023

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

While NIO’s official market launch in Germany is scheduled for October 7, the entrance in the Danish market will occur only a few weeks later, by the end of the month.

Sweden and The Netherlands will follow later in the quarter as the company prepares to expand its services and products to four new European markets in 2022.

Although the prices for the Danish market are still unknown, EV knows that NIO will enter the country with its bigger sedan NIO ET7 while the SUV NIO ES8 will follow in 2023 alongside the upcoming NIO ET5.

On August 11, the first batch of NIO ET7 model was seen at the Shanghai Port in China waiting with the arrival scheduled for October, in time to Germany’s market launch.

Denmark will receive the first units of the NIO ET7 sedan by late October featuring a 100kWh battery allowing the vehicle to run around 600km in one charge.

The 150kWh battery will increase the range of the NIO ES8 to 850kms, the ES6 to 900 km and the ET7 to more than 1000 km and NIO users will be able to upgrade the battery through a flexible upgrade scheme.


NIO’s 150kwh battery have a single cell energy density of 360Wh/kg using an ultra-high nickel positive electrode, a pre-lithiated silicon carbon negative electrode, a solid electrolyte (solid + liquid) and a separator.

The expansion to the German and Danish market will be followed by Sweden and The Netherlands also in the fourth quarter of the year.

According to a 13F/A-1 form filed on Friday, Goldman Sachs added a total of 5,056,875 shares in the EV manufacturer NIO increasing its position by 20.54% during the second quarter of the year.

NIO Inc. plans to enter the U.S. market in 2025 and deploy the first Battery Swap Station in the country as soon as November 2022, two people familiar with the matter told EV.

In addition, NIO is obtaining a new area behind its current headquarters in San Jose (California), where it will install in November the first Battery Swap Station for testing purposes.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter