NIO sign a partnership with Zhejiang Commercial Group to build high-speed power exchange network

Today NIO and Zhejiang Commercial Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build a high-speed power exchange network in Zhejiang. As the largest state-owned comprehensive transportation commercial investment operator in Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Commercial Group, which focuses on building a “national leader in the development of transportation and commerce”, coincides with NIO, which hopes to bring users a more convenient travel experience.


The goal is to open up the high-speed power exchange network in Zhejiang Province by June 2022, realize the implementation of power exchange stations in no less than 15 service areas.

Source: NIO

At the ceremony site, Li Hua, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Zhejiang Commercial Group, Zheng Yong, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Commercial Group, Gong Lijun, Director of the Office of Zhejiang Commercial Group, General Manager of NIO Energy Service Operations @ Wu Peng Power Management, Fan Hongyin, Regional General Manager of NIO Hangzhou, NIO Zhejiang Energy Manager @ Shen Yuheng Henry, NIO Zhejiang Business Manager @Bestin GONG came together and reached an agreement to build a power exchange and energy replacement network in Zhejiang high-speed service area, establish a long-term, stable and trustworthy strategic partnership, and the two sides worked together to carry out project cooperation.


The goals is also to provide “better travel services for new energy car owners, and let consumers experience “eat all over Zhejiang, visit Zhejiang, buy all over Zhejiang” while completing supplies in the service area. One-stop service to realize the vision of “making travel better”.” – added NIO.

At present, Zhejiang Commercial Group has more than 60 pairs of “high-speed network” service areas, including Chang’an service area, Shaoxing service area, etc. With the strategic cooperation with Zhejiang Commercial Group this time, the high-speed power exchange network in Zhejiang Province will be encrypted.