NIO reached 748 Battery Swap Stations.

NIO launched today two new Battery Swap Stations, bringing the total number up to 748. The new stations are both located in Beijing, China.

NIO clarified that the 747th Power Exchange Station is located in the Beijing Daliushu Energy Chain Station and the 748th NextEV Power Exchange Station in the Beijing Elite Menggu Guangqu Road – bringing the total number of Stations in Beijing to 59.

Source: NIO

The company intends to add some 600 units a year (2022-2025), which will result in some 3,000 units in total. With an additional 1,000 or so outside China, the total number will be 4,000 by the end of 2025.

NIO explained during NIO Day that in 2025, 90% of its users will be living less than 3 km away of a battery swap station, compared to 29% today.

Source: NIO

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