Lucid recalls 203 vehicles due to safety defect, potential problem impacts 1% of recalled cars

Lucid Motors sent earlier today sending an “important safety recall” e-mail to the 2022 Lucid Air Vehicles owners. The issue relates to motor vehicle safety and may “result in sudden loss of ground clearance, vehicle vibration and front brake line damage, increasing the risk of a crash”. The recall is the first one for the company that started delivering its first model in October 2021 and affects 203 vehicles produced this year. Although, the company says that the problem impacts only 1% of the recalled cars.

Lucid E-mail

What is the condition?

According to the e-mail sent, the “front strut dampers installed on certain 2022MY Lucid Air vehicles may have been manufactured by the supplier with the snap ring, located directly below the coil spring seat, installed in the wrong orientation. This condition may result in sudden loss of ground clearance, vehicle vibration and front brake line damage, increasing the risk of a crash.”

“A snap ring failure could occur without warning to the driver. If the failure causes damage to the electrical connections to the damper, the driver would receive a warning message stating “Suspension Control Fault. Contact Service Center.” If the failure results in a brake hose leak and the brake fluid level falls below 81.9% of the minimum recommended brake fluid volume, the driver would receive a warning message stating “Brake Fluid Level Low.”

What 2022 Lucid Air owners need to do

Lucid will “complete an inspection of both Front Strut Dampers, and IF NECESSARY, replace any affected Front Strut Dampers at NO CHARGE to the customer. The inspection will take approximately one hour. If it is necessary to replace one or both front strut dampers, it could take up to four hours to complete the work. Please note that the vehicle may need to be at a Lucid Service center for more than four hours, depending on capacity at a given time. Lucid Customer Care will work with customers to arrange for a loaner vehicle or alternate transportation needed by the customer.”

Lucid’s e-mail

On February 20th, Lucid Motors celebrated, via Twitter, a new “#LucidOwnersClub” member and the face seemed familiar to the American EV maker enthusiasts. The tweet mentions “Another Dream delivered” and the featured picture shows Emad Dlala, Lucid’s Vice President of Powertrain.


Last December, the company announced the appointment of three new executives and Emad Dlala was one of tem. Dlala entered Lucid Motors in 2015 and he assumed the role of Vice President Powertrain two months ago. Dlala belonged to the main part of the team that developed the range and performance of the Lucid Air. 

“Emad Dlala is Vice President of Powertrain at Lucid Motors. He is responsible for powertrain development and engineering, including batteries, drive units, and power electronics. He also leads Lucid’s systems efficiency strategy. Emad previously served as Senior Director of Efficiency and Energy Technology.” — the company says.


The company inaugurated its newest Studio location at The Mall at Short Hills in Short Hills, New Jersey. This location serves as the 22nd in the company’s growing North American retail network. Lucid has 5 new studios planned to launch during the next months.

New Jersey has long sought to encourage new business growth as part of its electrification goals. Lucid looks forward to making further investments and hiring in the State as the legislature considers equitable treatment for consumers and electric vehicle manufacturers in alignment with those efforts — the company said.

Lucid will host a conference call to discuss its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2021 financial results on Monday, February 28, 2022, at 2:30 pm PT / 5:30 pm ET. Prior to the conference call, the company will issue an earnings press release with a link to the live webcast on its investor relations website,

To enhance engagement with the company’s shareholder base and facilitate connections with its investors, Lucid is partnering with Say Technologies to allow retail and institutional shareholders to submit and upvote questions, a selection of which will be answered by Lucid management during the earnings call. Starting on February 21 at 2:30 pm PT / 5:30 pm ET, all shareholders can submit questions by visiting: This Q&A platform will remain open until 24 hours before the start of the earnings call. Shareholders can email for any support inquiries.