NIO starts hiring Buyers to acquire a Battery Swap Station Factory in Hungary

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

The EV maker NIO posted on Wednesday two job vacancies on LinkedIn for its Purchasing team in Hungary namely a Senior Buyer and a Indirect Spend Buyer. Both of them will have the responsibility of driving “procurement activities primarily in areas of plant related services as well as production material”.

NIO is rapidly expanding its activity across Europe and will enter four new markets by the end of the year and another eight (unconfirmed) during 2023 towards its goal of being present in 25 countires by 2025.


To support that expansion, the company will need to create the charging infrastructure needed during the upcoming months and has already confirmed a new plant to build battery swap stations in Hungary to export to its several European markets.

Since the option of exporting the stations from China to the European markets is very costly for the company, the opening of these vacancies and their description indicates that NIO is looking to accelerate the process by acquiring an existing factory in the Hungarian capital.

As initially reported by EV on April 15, NIO opened a job vacancy for a Plant manager where it said, “With NIO Power products (Power Swap Station / Charging Pile) going to EU market, we are looking for an EU Plant Manager to work with NIO China team to establish a plant in EU”.

The country was mentioned by NIO for the first time on January 30 with the opening of a position for an EU SSC Finance team leader in Budapest, Hungary’s capital. At the time, NIO was looking for someone to be responsible for “leading and managing the operations of the financial team in NIO’s shared services center in Budapest to facilitate the fast-growing business in the European markets”.

On Saturday, the company posted on LinkedIn the first job vacancies amid the expansion of its showrooms — known as NIO Houses — to the United States. The company is now hiring a Senior Real Estate manager to be responsible for the “site selection and negotiation of lease terms for new locations” and a Head of Construction to “drive the construction and development strategy of NIO Houses”.

The country is part of NIO’s list of markets where it will be present by 2025, although, it isn’t known if it will happen next year, in 2024 or only in 2025.

Meanwhile, the company is already preparing for the second phase of its European expansion into eight new countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal. During the last NIO day — held in December 2021 — the EV maker confirmed its plan to expand its services to 25 markets by 2025.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter