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NIO rolls out the first electric drive system sample for the upcoming ET5 Model

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

Through a new articles posted on NIO App, the company’s senior vice president Zeng Shuxiang unveiled that NIO rolled out the first electric drive system C sample for the upcoming ET5 model at NEO Park.

“Today, the first ET5 electric drive system C sample was also officially rolled off the production line at the NIO drive system manufacturing base located in Xinqiao Park,” Shuxiang wrote.

NIO VP also stated that the EV maker “is one of the very few companies in the world with a full-stack self-developed and manufactured electric drive system and the only automaker with independent forward R&D capabilities”.

In addition, NIO VP said the company also reached the 500,000th mass-produced electric drive system, “With the robotic arm transporting a 180kW silicon carbide permanent magnet synchronous motor to the AGV trolley, NIO’s 500,000th mass-produced electric drive system officially went offline”.

NIO needed 13 months (June 2018 to July 2020) to reach the first 100,000 electric drive systems and only 4 months to offline the last 100,000 (March — July, 2022).


An electric drive is a device used to control the output of a motor used, for example, to produce linear motion in an electric actuator.  These “requires a three-phase AC supply and the incoming fixed frequency AC supply is rectified to provide a DC signal; this is then smoothed and circuitry provides a decoupling of the input and output stages as shown below”, Norgren explains.

On the lat day of May, the EV maker completed the construction of the modern assembly line at its second factory located at Xinqiao, Hefei, Anhui province. In less than 7 months, NIO went from breaking ground to the completion of the main project and the installation of process equipment.

NEO Park construction started on April 29, 2021 and NIO is one of the largest members of the hub. The 16,950-acre park features three main function areas, smart manufacturing, R&D and living space, and eco-park. NeoPark will have a production capacity for one million electric cars and 100 GWh of batteries per year on an area of 11.3 square kilometres.

In early April, NIO had announced the ceremony for the completion of NIO’s Vehicle Pilot Center on March 16 with the first vehicle from NeoPark in Hefei rolling off the production line.

“In 2021, we established NEO Park. In 2022, in addition to the ongoing ET5 build, multiple new models will start their pilot build at this site. The vehicle pilot center will support the fast development and high-quality launch of NIO’s new products.” — NIO stated.


At an event with NIO users held in Fuzhou, China, the CEO William Li said the company is making progress with the NIO phone business. According to the blogger 德卤爱开车, Li said the company aims to launch a new phone every year like Apple while assuming the biggest challenge is to create a mobile phone easy to use.

According to the several NPORT-P forms filed on Wednesday, Blackrock — the world’s largest investment manager — has been adding NIO shares over the last weeks/ months via iShares ETFs.

On Tuesday, NIO said it will hold an annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders on August 25 at Building 16, No. 56 AnTuo Road, Shanghai to pass the Proposed Resolutions set forth in the Notice of AGM.

Last week, Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu was among the guests at the China EV Ride & Drive event held last week in Oslo (Norway) where he had the opportunity to test drive many Chinese EV models and to participate in a virtual roundtable with NIO‘s CFO Steven Feng.

In his most recent customer note, Yu said that the company will enter all four markets scheduled for the coming months with the ET7 sedan, something that had only been confirmed for Germany – and the Dutch Market through a later deleted tweet.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter