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NIO aims to follow Apple’s steps and launch a new phone every year, CEO says

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

At an event with NIO users held in Fuzhou, China, the CEO William Li said the company is making progress with the NIO phone business. According to the blogger 德卤爱开车, Li said the company aims to launch a new phone every year like Apple while assuming the biggest challenge is to create a mobile phone easy to use.

“The NIO mobile phone business is progressing. We are definitely incomparable with the company that sells 100 million mobile phones [Apple] now. It is not difficult to create mobile phones now, but it is still challenging to create a mobile phone that is easy to use,” William Li said.

“What NIO has to do is very simple, is to build a good mobile phone for its users, and develop a mobile phone every year, just like Apple,” NIO CEO added.


In late March, Li enhanced the relevance of the connection between the phone and the NIO car for the users, “Mobile phones are now the most important device for NIO users to connect to the car”.

“Before Huawei was suppressed by the United States, 50% of our users used iphone and 40% used Huawei. Now the proportion of iphone has risen further, and other android lineups have not been picked up,” Li added.

“Apple is now very close to the automotive industry. For example, the second-generation platform of NIO comes standard with UWB, and Apple does not open the interface, which makes us very passive. Starting from the interests and experience of users, we must also study mobile phones and cars well. The intelligent terminal equipment of the center,” NIO CEO concluded.


According to the several NPORT-P forms filed on Wednesday, Blackrock — the world’s largest investment manager — has been adding NIO shares over the last weeks/ months via iShares ETFs.

On Tuesday, NIO said it will hold an annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders on August 25 at Building 16, No. 56 AnTuo Road, Shanghai to pass the Proposed Resolutions set forth in the Notice of AGM.

Last week, Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu was among the guests at the China EV Ride & Drive event held last week in Oslo (Norway) where he had the opportunity to test drive many Chinese EV models and to participate in a virtual roundtable with NIO‘s CFO Steven Feng.

In his most recent customer note, Yu said that the company will enter all four markets scheduled for the coming months with the ET7 sedan, something that had only been confirmed for Germany – and the Dutch Market through a later deleted tweet.

Last week, the company posted two job vacancies on LinkedIn for its Purchasing team in Hungary namely a Senior Buyer and an Indirect Spend Buyer. Both of them will have the responsibility of driving “procurement activities primarily in areas of plant related services as well as production material”.

Meanwhile, the company is already preparing for the second phase of its European expansion into eight new countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal. During the last NIO day — held in December 2021 — the EV maker confirmed its plan to expand its services to 25 markets by 2025.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter