NIO is hiring people for manufacturing-related positions in the US , local media says

Written by Cláudio Afonso |

According to the local media Yicai, NIO is recruiting people for manufacturing-related positions in the U.S. suggesting the intention to build a factory in the country. The job vacancy shared requires the candidate to have 10 years or above experience in blueprint planning and design of OEMS.

“NIO is recruiting people for manufacturing-related positions in the US, as the Chinese EV maker may intend to build a factory there, Yicai Global learned today. The firm, which already has an R&D center in San Jose, replied it had nothing to say about this matter,” Yicai said.

“NIO is supposed to have the intention of building a plant in the US. The position requires knowledge of US state policies and subsequent involvement in plant site selection in the US,” Yicai quoted a person who has been involved in plant construction for Chinese automakers.

The company will open on Saturday, its 48th NIO House located in Zhuhai Valentine Bay, province of Guangdong in Southern China. The EV maker has currently 47 NIO Houses across the globe and opened its first European one in Oslo (Norway), back in September 2021. NIO Houses are an open, welcoming space for our users and community to express, share and experience memorable moments together, the company states.

NIO announced on Wednesday that will start building its second European Battery Swap Station on May 30. The station will be located in Vestby (Norway) and will be a hub for customers travelling between the Norwegian capital Oslo and Gothenburg, Sweden.

According to what NIO‘s Communication Specialist in Norway Asbjørn Mitusch told local media, the EV manufacturer will open three new NIO Houses in the Nordic country. In the third quarter, NIO will open the second space in Bergen after arriving Oslo in 2021. The other two showrooms are located in Stavanger and in Trondheim and will open in the fourth quarter of 2022, as confirmed by Mitusch.

Written by Cláudio Afonso |