NIO Capital named in the 2021 Best Venture Capital Firms Top100, Carbon Neutral Investors Top30 List

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

China Venture announced on Monday the 2021 annual ranking for Chinese VC firms and NIO Capital was named in three categories: Top100 Best Venture Capital Firms, Top30 Carbon Neutral Investors and Top50 Best Chinese Venture Capital Institutions in China.

Also NIO Capital member company Black Sesame Intelligence were awarded with the “TOP10 Best Investment Cases in China’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry”, and Haibo Si Chuang won the “TOP10 Best Investment Cases in China’s Carbon Neutral Industry,” NIO added.

For a long time, NIO Capital has been promoting the sustainable development of technology and society through investment. NIO Capital’s investment ability and investment contribution in the carbon neutral field have been recognized by the China Venture for many consecutive years, the EV maker added.

Founded in 2016, NIO Capital is a professional investment firm that focuses on investments in energy, automobiles, and deep technology sectors. NIO Capital insists on ESG sustainable investments focusing on innovations in decarbonization and digitalization. The portfolio include companies like NIO’s supplier CATL , Ronbay Technology, United Winners, Momenta, Inceptio,, Innovusion, and Black Sesame Technologies.

Earlier today, Shanghai issued the notice on the Resumption of Public Transportation in and out of Residential Areas starting next Wednesday, on the first day of June. As EV reported last week, NIO‘s Co-founder Lihong, said the company would unveil NIO ES7 model “right away” making the announcement expectable for later this week.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter