EXCLUSIVE: Nio’s Marketing Conference – Everything you need to know

The U.S. listed Chinese EV manufacturer Nio held today a Marketing Conference in Shangai, China. Amid several statistics of the Chinese New Year period, the company confirmed the upcoming ES7 Model being expected to be revealed in mid-April, one week before AutoChina Show. The event will take place from Thursday, 21. April to Saturday, 30. April 2022 in Beijing.

Source: Weibo

Wei Jian Jim (Vice President of NIO User Operations)

As keypoints, Wei Jian Jim enhanced Nio Stores and services were not closed during Chinese New Year, batteries replaced during the same period reached +150,000 and amost 5,000 repairs or maintenance services were made. Firstly, NIO was not closed during the Spring Festival: Marketing worked 24/7 with full contact; Among them, the number of participants in New Year’s topics: 100,000; 690,000 people entering the stores; 360,000 listeners to New Year’s concerts.

Secondly, there are 384 NIO Houses, and 1107 activities nationwide have been carried out within seven days of the Spring Festival. Thirdly, more than 150,000 Battery Swaps in seven days, of which +37,000 have been replaced by high-speed power. In addition to queuing up for one generation stations, most of them have a good user experience. There were 4992 repairs and maintenances and 2394 mobile services/ road rescues.

Source: Weibo

Q&A Section with the local Media

1. The battery algorithm for electric intelligent vehicles is ready-made, and it is relatively easy to arrange and adjust dynamically (how to allocate the proportion of 70/100 degrees battery packs);

2. “I have been in a lot of industries, and I didn’t deliberately do anything. In the early days, NIO thought clearly about the business model and the user enterprise model. On this basis, we constantly adjust, such as employee enthusiasm and enthusiasm to serve users. We find that this is not a major problem, and front-line employees are more likely to provide high-quality services. From the end, we emphasize that it is our purpose, not the means, to be good at users.

For example, if users laugh at him and affirm such services, such behavior will be recognized and recognized. When recognized by users inside and outside the company, employees will also feel proud. We don’t have the inertia of traditional automobile enterprises internally. I joined NIO after being a car owner for a period of time. I also have a strong user perspective and know what users need.”

3. There may not be much passenger flow in traditional car stores during the Spring Festival, but for us, this will have a good support until March, but it is not a milestone. We consider the quality of entering the store far more than the quantity itself.

4. “Private pile sharing will have phased operation activities to encourage everyone to participate in it. I believe that the degree of sharing will become higher and higher, and I hope other brands can also join in. One thing we consider is to cooperate with many communities and let us operate. For example, the problem of oil truck space occupancy is solved. As a public stake in NIO communities, we welcome non-NIO brand user services.”

5. “ET7 is a milestone product. There are many innovative things in mass-produced cars. In March, you will have many unexpected surprises after seeing ET7 up close. Our current delivery is not hunger marketing.”

Nio’s CEO William Li and Qin Lihong

1. “It is reasonable to divide the shares of all electric vehicles together in the early stage. In the fast-growing market, we may have to compare the segments of the market. At the beginning of our establishment, we are comparing BBA. If we agree that electric vehicles will occupy the mainstream, looking at the age of 3 can now see a certain trend, which will determine the trend in the next few years.

Last year, the proportion of high-end electric vehicles with more than 300,000 yuan was 40.7%. Although Tesla’s number is very large, the average invoice price is more than 240,000, and the higher-end market is 4,500 less than NIO’s.

In the past, someone asked us that NIO only had a window period, and you would be very crisp when the BBA made an electric car. At present, the BBA card has been played.

When the competition has just begun, we run in a relatively high position for the first 100 meters.”

2. “I don’t have the final say on this year’s delivery target, and the supply chain has the final say. Xinqiao Industrial Park will be put into operation this year, and we will reach a big step.

3. We will officially release a brand-new new car in mid-April, which is the legendary Gemini. In the past, people misunderstood that it was a new brand, officially named ES7, between ES6 and ES8. It is positioned as a medium and large five-seater SUV with an NT2.0 platform. The comfortable one is stronger.

ES7 is competing with X5 L, the two most competitive five-seater SUVs this year.”

4. “We have a total of 1,300 power stations and more than 100 new stores this year. Our speed will last for several years, and we will slow down until we reach about the same refueling experience.”

5. “Compared with other industries, the level of service users in the automotive industry has a lot to learn.”

6. “NIO Life’s gross profit hopes to feed itself, but it has not yet supported itself.”

On January 17th, the model was spotted on the road in China under Spy Mode. The first images were leaked on the last days of 2021, and is now officially confirmed by the company. The new SUV is expected to be released at the Beijing Auto Show in 2022.

Comparing it with the already released models from the Chinese EV, the ES7 is:

1: Equipped with NT2.0 Hardware — the layout of the watchtower is basically the same as that of ET7 and ET5 and has the ability of NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving).

2: The outflowing model is the shell of the ES6 — It is known that the ES7 will be longer than the current ES6 captain, and it is positioned between the NIO ES8 and the NIO ES6.

3: The charging port of ES7 in low located in a different area — As can be seen from the picture.

4: The intelligent cockpit hardware carried in the car is also likely to be Qualcomm Snapdragon’s 8155 processor.

The model is expected to be revealed during Auto China, the international automotive exhibition taking place at the China International Exhibition Center of Beijing. The event will take place from Thursday, 21. April to Saturday, 30. April 2022 in Beijing.

Institutions have been buying shares of Nio during the pullback with E-Fund buying 338k shares ($10.7M) and BlackRock another 2.4M ($67M) during Q4 2021.

The EV maker delivered 9,652 vehicles in January 2022, representing an increase of 33.6% year-over-year. The deliveries consisted of 1,531 ES8s, the Company’s six- or seven-seater flagship premium smart electric SUV, 5,247 ES6s, the Company’s five-seater high-performance premium smart electric SUV, and 2,874 EC6s, the Company’s five-seater premium smart electric coupe SUV. As of January 31, 2022, cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 reached 176,722 vehicles.

On January 27th and acording to SEC, Originalwish Limited, the company founded by Nio’s CEO, bought today another 3 Million shares ($68 Million) having now a total of 177,467,776 shares. The company has currently a 10.40% stake in Nio being on the Top-3 of Institutional Owners among Tencent and Baillie Gifford. The info was firstly posted by Marcel Munch on his Twitter account.