Credit Suisse Reiterates NIO $83 Price Target and an Outperform Rating

Credit Suisse reiterated today NIO’s $83 Price Target and an Outperform Rating. Credit Suisse enhanced that NIO ET5 is “the most promising volume product debut”.

“NIO will speed up its new products launch schedule after one-year no new product in 2021. We expected NIO to launch 3 new products in 2022 – ET5 Sedan, ET7 Sedan and ES7 SUV, which is followed by another three SUV products in 2023 (new generation ES6 and ES8 and ES5 compact size SUV.”

Regarding ET7 Sedan that NIO presented during NIO Day in 2020, it’s expectable to see start of the production next month and the deliveries from March 28th, as announced. While the ET5 Model presented this year is expected to start the deliveries in September 2022.


Credit Suisse also enhanced NIO NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving) for bringing safer and mpre relaxing autonomous drivinf from point A to point B, gradually covering cases such as on expressways, urban, parking and battery swapping.