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Fisker Earnings: Test Drives, Delivery Plan, and Reservation Numbers

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

The EV maker Fisker will report its second quarter earnings results later today (August 3) after the market closing and a conference call will follow where Fisker’s management team will answer the most upvoted question from shareholders.

The company’s CEO Henrik Fisker, COO/CFO Dr. Geeta Gupta, and the CTO Burkhard Huhnke will answer about Fisker‘s rollout plans for the first model starting in November, the beginning of test drives for the Ocean model, an update on the reservation numbers, and more.

The most upvoted question, with 424 votes representing a total of 275,200 shares, was regarding the company’s plan for the first deliveries in several markets, “How many of the 5,000 Ocean One are actually spoken for? When will you be able to share rollout plans including when reservation holders can expect delivery in their market?”.

The second one enhances the relevance of starting test drives with the reservation holders and reviewers and had 350 votes representing over 205,000 shares, “When do you anticipate having test vehicles made available for reservation holders to sit in, as well for reviewers? This to me is where we’ll start to see interest and momentum in the brand from the general public.”

The third most voted question counted with over 250 votes and 67 thousand shares represented and targeted the importance of the supply chain issues for the company. Lawrence wrote, “The EV space is crowded, how are you managing supply chain bottlenecks? Is the company going to be limited for a time due to potential material shortfalls? (Certain components, chips, metals in batteries, etc.)”

Finally, another top voted question asks for an update on the reservation numbers and a new tease of the recently announced Fisker Ronin, “How many reservations are there for the Ocean and Pear to date & when will we see a bit more tease of the Ronin?”

On Monday, Fisker CEO unveiled that the upcoming Ocean Model will bring streaming apps like Youtube, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video but also the web browser Google Chrome.

While showing the different apps available so far, Henrik admits he probably shouldn’t unveil those features and deleted the video shortly after.

Last week, the company said the model will be showcased on Pebble Beach Automotive Week at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance from August 18 — 21. The pure electric SUV model made its European public debut in late February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Spain) and starts at $37,499 for the Sport trim version.

Earlier in the week, the Ocean model arrived in Los Angeles to start the road tests ahead of the mass production and the first deliveries scheduled for November in Graz, Austria.

In late July, the company confirmed it will open its first Brand Experience Center in Europe this November. The center will be located in downtown Munich (Kaufingerstraße Street) near the Marienplatz, one of the touristy points in the German city.

In early June, the company announced that has surpassed 50,000 reservations for the model with the base Sport trim priced at $37,499 before incentives. The Extreme trim level is priced at $68,999 and delivers an estimated range of over 350 miles.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter