How many vehicles did the Chinese EV makers sold in Norway during January? — NIO, BYD and XPENG

Last year, Norway sold 141,400 vehicles, of which 76,800 were electric, accounting for 54.3% of the total, making it the first country in the world to exceed this ratio. The Chinese automakers are arriving as electric vehicles surge in popularity, having already 10% of new car sales in Western Europe. The Norwegian parliament has recently decided that all sales of new cars and vans shall be zero emission by 2025.


According to official data, Nio sold a total of 44 vehicles during January 2022 in Norway — the first European Market entered. The Chinese EV maker sold less 23 vehicles in January when compared to December Report of 67 vehicles.

Nio, based in Shanghai, opened its first Nio House outside China, in Oslo at the end of September and has been selling ES8 Models since then. On January 22th, Nio’s CEO William Li revealed that the ET7 Model — announced last year during NIO DAY 2020 — will arrive to Norway during Q4. It was also announced that the new ET5 Model, with 1,000km range, will be available in Norway (and several other global markets) during the Spring of 2023. By the end of 2022, Nio will have Stations in five different Norwegian cities, with a total of 20 for the Norwegian customers.

NIO House in Oslo, Norway (Soource: NIO)

The EV maker announced today that delivered 9,652 vehicles in January 2022, representing an increase of 33.6% year-over-year. The deliveries consisted of 1,531 ES8s, the Company’s six- or seven-seater flagship premium smart electric SUV, 5,247 ES6s, the Company’s five-seater high-performance premium smart electric SUV, and 2,874 EC6s, the Company’s five-seater premium smart electric coupe SUV. As of January 31, 2022, cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 reached 176,722 vehicles.


The successful launch of BYD’s Tang SUV in Norway has prompted high volumes of customer demand for the first 1000 vehicles to be delivered in the country. The recent arrival of these eco-friendly SUVs in Norway has led swiftly to the 1000th customer proudly taking delivery of their brand new BYD Tang via BYD’s Norwegian distributor, RSA. The milestione was achieved only 4 months after BYD entered the Norwegian Market with the pure-electric Tang SUV priced at 599,900 NOK. During January 2022, BYD delivered 111 vehicles, 95 Tang SUV and 16 ETP3 Model.

“We have enjoyed fantastic demand for the BYD Tang in just a few months since its launch, and we see this escalating at pace in 2022. The people of Norway are very environmentally conscious, and the pure-electric zero-emission Tang SUV is the perfect fit. It is stylish, comfortable and offers great driving performance, while being practical too. We don’t see demand slowing down and we are fortunate to have good levels of supply coming through, which means customers are not having to wait for extended periods of time for delivery.”

Frank Dunvold, CEO of RSA
Source: BYD


Xpeng sold a total of 62 vehicles in Norway during Januaray 2022 — 45 G3 Model and 17 P7 Model. Last October, the Chinese automaker introduced its large electric sedan P7 to the Norwegian market, after the electric SUV G3 has already been delivered there since late 2020. The automaker also plans to launch in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands during this year, although it is not yet known when Xpeng plans to come to the UK or the USA.

“As a company that focuses on global opportunities, we want to be balanced with our contribution of delivery — half from China, half from outside China — in the long run,”

Gu, Xpeng’s President

XPeng delivered 12,922 Smart EVs in January 2022, representing a 115% increase year-over-year, exceeding the monthly delivery benchmark of 10,000 units for the fifth consecutive month.

Deliveries in January 2022 consisted of 6,707 P7 smart sports sedans, representing an 81% increase year-over-year. 4,029 P5 smart family sedans were delivered in January, bringing total deliveries to over 11,000 since its launch in September 2021. 2,186 G3 and G3i smart compact SUVs were delivered in January.