Tesla files Trademark for Headphones, Audio Speakers, and other Audio Equipment

Tesla recently applied to expand its trademark applications in order to sell audio equipment. The trademark includes equipment like headphones, earphones, audio speakers, G&S microphones, digital audio players, sound transmitting apparatus, subwoofers, earpads for headphones, audio interfaces, audio equalizer apparatus; horns for loudspeakers and megaphones.

According to Tesmanian, the first application was submitted for the placement of the branded letter “T”, the second for the placement of the “TESLA” branded logo and both applications are pending.

Reviewer Paul Maric, after testing Tesla Model 3, said that the model has “the best” sound system they ever tested fitted to a car.

Yesterday, the CNBC “Mad Money Host” Jim Cramer confessed his admiration for Elon Musk after a conversation with the Tesla CEO. Cramer said Musk is “exciting”, “brilliant” and that he is “all-in in Musk”.

“He came with his kid…he talked very elegantly about Space travel. My wife turned to me and said: This guy is a genius.”

“I found him engaging, brilliant, exciting … no one in the world has his vision right now … he attacks people when he thinks that they’re stupid, but he’s having fun … he’s changing the world in a positive way, I’m all-in Musk”