With 13 Battery Swap Stations launched in 2 days, Nio reaches a new total of 831

Nio announced today the launch of 3 new Battery Swap Stations, one day after the launch of another 10 stations in China. This fast pace allowed the company to reach a new total of 831 Stations only 8 days after the 800th milestone. The company also added 14 new SuperCharging stations during the last two days.

The 3 new stations are located in Guangzhou Conghua Hot Spring Passenger Station (829th),
Shaoguan Poly Plaza (830th) and the most recent one in the Highway G0421 Guangzhou Direction of Yangshan North.


According to Nio, the 818th station is located in the parking lot of Mianyang Yuexi Valley Hotel, and is equipped with four 120kW supercharging piles and two 7kW charging piles to provide fast and convenient energy replenishment for all national standard electric vehicles. The station has been upgraded into a charging and changing station, which can be charged and changed freely, bringing users a more efficient and pleasant charging and changing experience.

NIO’s 818th Battery Power Station (Source: NIO)

Battery Swap Stations Locations

819th — Wuhan Sinopec Huangpi Mulan
820th — G15 Shenhai Expressway Dahuai – Shenyang Direction
821st — G15 Shenhai Expressway Guandu Service Area Haikou Direction
822nd — G15 Shenhai Expressway Zhanjiang Sinopec Source Water Station
823th — G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway Zhengzhou East – Guangzhou Direction
824th — Chuzhou Direction of Bagongshan Service Zone, Chuxin Highway
825th — Yichun Yuanshan Park
826th — Linfen Jindu Garden
827th — G5 Beijing-Kunming Expressway Pingyao – Beijing Direction
828st — G5 Beijing-Kunming Expressway Pingyao – Kunming Direction
829th — Guangzhou Conghua Hot Spring Passenger Station
830th — Shaoguan Poly Plaza
831st — G0421 Guangzhou Direction of Yangshan North (Highway)


As of January 29th, Nio has 831 Battery Swap Stations, 667 supercharging stations, 655 destination charging stations, and access to 460,000+ third-party charging piles nationwide. The Chinese EV maker is in a good pace towards the 1,300 Battery Swap Stations goal by the year end.

Two weeks ago, Nio officially opened its first European Battery Swap Station, located in Norway – the first European Country for the Chinese EV maker. By the end of 2022, Nio will have Stations in five different Norwegian cities, with a total of 20 for the Norwegian customers.

NIO closed 2021 with 777 Stations – being 11% above the update goal established last July of 700. The annual objective was reached three weeks before the year-end.