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NIO inaugurates the second Battery Swap Station in Norway

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

As recently reported by EV, the manufacturer NIO inaugurated on Monday at 12 pm (local time) its second Battery Swap Station outside China. The new facility is also located in Norway (Vestby) at a strategic point between the Norwegian capital Oslo and the Swedish city of Gothenburg, a 300km route.

Vestby’s station is located at Svarthagsveien 1, 1540, and allows the customers to travel between the cities without having to stop additional times to charge the battery.

The latest images of the upcoming station show that the facility is ready to open in the Scandinavian country, as initially reported by EV in mid-July. As of August 8, the electric vehicle maker has a total of 1,057 battery swap stations in China.

As of August 15, the company has 1,060 stations in China and two in Norway after opening the first one on January 19.

In late January, NIO CEO William Li and NIO Norway Manager Marius Hayler gathered in Oslo with 20 NIO users where it was confirmed the arrival of the ET7 sedan to the country in the last quarter of the year.

The company will open three new NIO Houses in Norway country in the upcoming months, as said by the Communication Specialist in Norway Asbjørn Mitusch in late May. The second space will open during this quarter in Bergen while the other two showrooms are located in Stavanger and in Trondheim and are scheduled to open in the last quarter of the year.


NIO House in Bergen has a total of 312 square meters and will be located at Strandgaten 15. In Stavanger, NIO will establish itself in Haakon VII’s gate 7, and the venue will be a total of 248 square meters. In Trondheim, NIO will enter Søndre gate 4-10 with a 366 square meters space. In addition, the company is planning to open the fifth in Kristiansand.

On April 27, NIO reached a total of 500 vehicles delivered in Norway since its debut on September 30, 2021. Until now, only the ES8 Model is available but the sedan announced during NIO Day in December 2020 is arriving in the country in the last quarter of 2022. The Scandinavian country has been the entrance point to the European market for many automakers due to its strong EV adoption.

“We are in negotiations about property players in Kristiansand, and at best we may be able to open this location in 2022, but it is somewhat uncertain,” Mitusch added. NIO has currently nearly 70 employees in total in Norway and is expected to reach 100 increased by the end of 2022.

NIO will enter 4 new European Markets in the upcoming months: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and The Netherlands. During the last NIO Day, the company revealed that will be present in 25 Countries by 2025.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter