NIO has almost 1,240 employees confined at home, Shanghai Manager says

Written by Cláudio Afonso |

NIO’s Shanghai Manager, 庆华, wrote this Friday on NIO App regarding the Covid-19 situation in China and how it is affecting the company. “The closure time of the epidemic in Shanghai has exceeded most of our expectations” — he started to say.

“In the NIO community, we have seen many users and friends fighting on the front line of fighting the epidemic; many users actively participate in the community’s epidemic prevention work as volunteers. These bits and pieces have given us warm strength. At the same time, I also feel a little ashamed that I failed to give our users enough care and help today when the epidemic is severe. I also regret that it would be great if we could help users distribute more daily necessities before the full closure and control.”

At present, almost all of the 1,240 employees of the Shanghai company are also confined to home, unable to respond to the service needs of users and friends in a timely manner, and apologize to users and friends.

NIO’s Shanghai General Manager

NIO’s Shanghai also talked about NIO’s Battery Swap Stations openings saying: “Because all the power stations in Shanghai except Chongming Battery Swap Station cannot be put on-line except for Chongming power station. Today, we set the 9 NIO supercharging stations with open conditions to a free state. Nio car owners who can travel in the past few days can directly scan the code to use it; we are also refreshing all vehicles with low battery power every day, and we have arranged energy replenishment and rescue resources in advance, and we will come to the door for rescue as soon as possible after unblocking. For users and friends who have encountered special difficulties in living materials in the past two days, you can propose or inform your fellow in the service group. My team friends and I will work together to find a solution.”

“Finally, once again, I would like to pay tribute to the users and friends on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic, to the volunteers for the prevention of the epidemic, and to the enthusiastic users who distribute daily necessities and medicines to difficult bikers.
Spring has come, and we look forward to unblocking as soon as possible. We will gather at the cattle house” — 庆华 concluded.

On April 2, Ganesh Iyer, Chief Information Officer of NIO, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Nio’s North American office was invited to talk at NIO’s SEEDs Talks, in China. Iyer, talked about the development and evolution trend of the automotive industry and its characteristics. Before joining NIO, Iyer started working for Tesla in 2012, by the time the American EV maker launched its first electric vehicle.

NIO announced on Monday that held the the ceremony for the completion of NIO’s Vehicle Pilot Center on March 16 with the first vehicle from NeoPark in Hefei rolling off the production line. NeoPark is a hub for hundreds of key supporting enterprises with an annual production capacity of 1 million vehicles and 100 GWh battery. NeoPark is expected to realize a gross yearly output of RMB 500 billion ($78 Billion USD).

Written by Cláudio Afonso |