Nio delivered today the 100,000th Home charger

After the delivery of the first NIO Home Charger in April 2018, the company reaches now the 100,000th to an ES6 owner in Shangai, China. The 20 kW Power Home Plus version takes 5 hours to completely charge your NIO Vehicle while the 7 kW Power Home 2.0 takes 14 hours.

NIO Power is an energy service system that can be recharged, exchanged and upgraded. Among them, charging piles are an important part of the charging experience, which can provide users with a more convenient, worry-free and insensitive power-up experience.


NIO Power Charger is capable of charging at up to 180kW and 250A, providing fast, smart and reliable charging services for both NIO car and non-NIO new energy vehicles in public charging scenarios, supporting both plug-and-charge and scan-and-charge with a faster, more efficient payment process.

At the same time, through the staggered peak power supply of home charging piles, you can not only enjoy preferential electricity prices in the evening valley, but also help the use of clean energy in the country and help environmental protection.

100,000th Home Charger

From 2018 to now, NIO’s pile charging has continued to iterate in product functions. Automatic authentication, intelligent opening, appointment to charge bring peace of mind, fault diagnosis, remote repair bring worry-free, and create a pleasant and worry-free charging experience for users.

Source: NIO

NIO Power has a professional home-filled pile construction team, serving 321 prefecture-level administrative regions across the country, east to Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, west to Kashgar City, Xinjiang Province, south to Sanya City, Hainan Province, north to Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, so that more and more NIO users can also charge worry-free at home.

Recently, through a Press Release, NIO asked overseas Landowners to “Become a part of our journey” and help the company spread NIO Battery Swap Stations in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands.