Nio announces that ET7 Test-Drives begin on March 5th

Nio held today a communication where announced some more information about the ET7 Model that will start being deliveried on March 28th. Among the many topics of the presentation were the Test Drive date, Acceleration, the Recording Cams, and Seats details.

Source: NIO

1. Accelerate up to 100km/h in only 3.8 seconds (half a load, so running alone will definitely be faster)
2. Support up to Five 4K Driving cameras in simultaneous
3. 14 adjustments in the front seats, and the length of the seats supports 5-6cm extension

Source: NIO

4. The system is Banyan of NT2, and there is only a map of Gaode when delivering the car;
5. Air suspension is adjustable by 1cm (decrease) and by 4cm (increase) to provide better passability
6. Test drives start on March 5th, 2022
7. The rear seats also support massages
8. The customer can opt for one of the 4 available colors for the interior

The complete function of NAD self-driving will fully adopt the service subscription mode of “monthly opening, monthly payment”, which costs 680 yuan per month. – Nio added.

Users who purchase ET7 can install 7kW DC charging piles with the first stake equity of home charging piles. ET7 users who locked orders on and before March 28, 2022 upgraded the rights and interests of the first pile of home charging piles: 11kW DC charging piles can be installed for free.