BMW shoots a promotion video for its X4 M using… a NIO ES6

Written by Cláudio Afonso |

On April 19, a leaked image unveiled that BMW shooted the promotion video for its 2021 X4M model… using a NIO ES6. The German automaker is one of the main rivals for the Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO in Europe. By the end of May, NIO will launch a new SUV model named NIO ES7 that will rival with the 2022 BMW X5 in the Chinese Market.

Recently, NIO’s Co-Founder, Director and President confirmed that NIO ES7 Model will be released at the end of May after the delay of the Beijing Auto Show due to Covid measures in China. On January 17th, the model was spotted on the road in China under Spy Mode. At the time, Mr. Qin said that NIO ES7 will target the same market that BMW X5: “ES7 is competing with X5, the two most competitive five-seater SUVs this year”.

It is positioned as a medium and large five-seater SUV with an NT2.0 platform. The comfortable one is stronger. ES7 is competing with X5, the two most competitive five-seater SUVs this year.

Lihong Qin, NIO’s Co-Founder, Director and President

Worm Capital released on Monday, April 18, its new research presentation on Tesla. When talking about Tesla’s competition, the authors present a production estimate for the biggest EV makers, predicting 1.6 million vehicles for Tesla and over 200k for NIO. If the Chinese electric vehicle maker reach this result, it will represent a 130% – 140% annual growth from 2021, when the company delivered 91,429 units.

Earlier this week, NIO announced on April 18 that has reached a total of 900 Battery Swap Stations in China. According to the company, NIO users have changed batteries more than 8,000,000 times saving users more than 8 million hours when compared the common 60kW DC piles on the market.

According to a job post published on LinkedIn, the company started last week looking for a Plant Manager in Europe. The company aims to produce Battery Swap Stations and Charging Piles in Europe to avoid exporting costs from China. The position is located in Budapest (Hungary) suggesting that the company could acquire/ buy a factory there during the next years and establish its European production centre in the country.

Written by Cláudio Afonso |