Mullen CEO to be interviewed on June 1st: Battery Test Results, F500 Company, and more

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

Mullen Automotive shares closed 44.90% higher at $1.40 per share after the announcement of its solid-state polymer battery testing results by Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Indiana. A couple hours later, Risk On Live podcast host Todd Ault announced that Mullen‘s CEO David Michery will be interviewed on Wednesday’s episode at 1 PM Pacific time.

“The CEO of Mullen will be on the Risk On live podcast tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific time. Join us to discuss today’s announcement of battery technology testing and much more,” Todd said on Twitter.

Michery is expected to share further details about the battery test results published today, the date of the Fortune 500 company announcement, and company’s plans for the upcoming months.

“I’m impressed with the ongoing performance of the solid-state cell after going thru multiple intense testing sessions from accredited testing facilities,” said David Michery. “The battery has performed exceptionally well, and I’m pleased with the results from BIC in Indiana.”

Recently, the company announced the hiring of Richard Curtis, to President of International Operations for Mullen Automotive. Until now, Curtis served as the president of Imperium Motor Company (automotive subsidiary of DSG Global).

Also 14 new hires were recently announced across vehicle engineering, vehicle integration, powertrain systems and manufacturing in support of EV vehicle programs. “Every new team member is a vital hire”, Mullen‘s CEO said.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter