Norway Deliveries Update: Polestar 2 ranks #2, BYD Tang #21, Nio ES8 #26, and Xpeng P7 #27

As of February 13th, Hyundai Ioniq 5 Model is leading the Norwegian sales with 181 units delivered while the Swedish Polestar 2 Model follows with157 vehicles deliverede. From the Chinese EV Manufacturers, BYD is the first one to appear with its model BYD TANG with 42 units delivered so far. Nio ES8 Model is the second one with 23 vehicles delivered and Xpeng have a total of 34 units delivered this month, divided by its two models: 20 units of P7 Model and 14 from the G3 one.

Norwegian Sales in February as of 13.02

BYD announced, in December 2021, the delivery of the 1,000th BYD Tang SUV in Norway. through RSA, a Norwegian distributor. The pure-electric BYD Model is priced at 599,900 NOK ($67,633) and is gaining widespread recognition in Norway with positive feedback from customers, and the motoring industry alike — said the company.

Frank Dunvold, CEO of RSA, said: “We have enjoyed fantastic demand for the BYD Tang in just a few months since its launch, and we see this escalating at pace in 2022. The people of Norway are very environmentally conscious, and the pure-electric zero-emission Tang SUV is the perfect fit. It is stylish, comfortable and offers great driving performance, while being practical too. We don’t see demand slowing down and we are fortunate to have good levels of supply coming through, which means customers are not having to wait for extended periods of time for delivery.”


Until now, Nio is only selling the ES8 Model in Norway but it was already confirmed by Nio’s CEO, William Li, that the ET7 Model will also be available in Norway in the last quarter of 2022. The new ET5 Model, announced during the NIO Day last December, will arrive Norway and other European Markets (such as Germany, Denmak, The Netherlands and Sweden) during the Spring of 2023.

During 2021 Q3 Conference Call, Nio said that the company’s low deliveries in Norway in the months of September and October were not due to a lack of orders, but rather a controlled pace. November deliveries reached 92 units from only 10 sold in the previous month.

Norwegian Sales by Brand in February (as of 13.02)

Xpeng entered last week the Swedish Market with its first showroom located in the Westfield Mall, in Stockholm. The company entered Europe in December 2020 with the first deliveries in Norway, the country with the highest EV penetration. When the Guangzhou-based company arrived Norway, Xpeng’s President said: “In the long run, if you want to be a successful EV company, you have to be a global one. We’re starting the effort to build our presence, doing limited testing in certain markets and treating this as a very long-term strategy.”

The Swedish Polestar increased its global presence from 10 to 19 markets in 2021, with growth in Europe and Asia Pacific. In the first half of 2022, Polestar plans to add Spain, Portugal and Ireland to its European market footprint, and enter the Middle East with presence in the UAE, Kuwait and Israel. By the end of 2023, Polestar aims to be operating in at least 30 global markets. The company delivered a total of 261 units in January 2022, 50 vehicles below the previous month record of 317 units.

Last month, Audi leaded the Norwegian sales with a 13.3% Market share, followed by Hyundai and Kia, with 10% and 8.6% respectively. The best selling models were Audi Q4 E-Tron, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the BMW IX.

Norwegian January Sales