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Wejo launches Wejo Labs, a cloud-based platform that runs traffic and mobility studies at scale

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

The U.K.-based Wejo Group announced on Thursday the launch of Wejo Labs, a cloud-based platform that runs traffic and mobility studies at scale with accurate Connected Vehicle Data (CVD).

“The platform allows researchers and data scientists from universities, research organizations and civil and traffic engineering consultancies to run traffic and mobility studies at scale with accurate CVD from tens of millions of connected vehicles across the US and Europe,” Wejo stated.

Queries on this data can lead to a better understanding of how road conditions affect driving behaviors, validate weather conditions with hyper-local data points, analyze parking trends and identify roads in which hazardous driving occurs most often to support safety improvements.

Additionally, users can also leverage the CVD when analyzing vehicle movements for views into routes and journeys, enhanced origin-destination studies, congestion management, event planning and high traffic destinations.


“Part of our smart mobility for good mission at Wejo is to democratize access to the power of connected vehicle data,” said Richard Barlow, Founder and CEO of Wejo. “With Wejo Labs, users can easily experiment with one of the most innovative data sources in the world to create proof of concepts using innovative technology that keeps their research and data analysis ahead of the curve to help shape the future of traffic and road safety. With this platform, researchers leverage billions of data points to design future-proof traffic systems and drive the future of smart mobility.”

Wejo Labs users can also use their preferred programming language to explore, query and analyze CVD. Data outputs can then be visualized in various formats, including bar graphs, heat maps, and map layers, to look at data over a specified time period interactively and visually. With added support from Wejo’s in-house data analytics team, the platform simplifies the process for users by loading the data in for them, geofencing it based on location and time zone, and then providing all the necessary tools for analysis.

Designed with data scientists in mind, Wejo Labs is a cost-effective solution that allows multiple users within the same organization to get the most out of CVD. The solution is fully accessible through a user’s internet browser, available without investing in expensive digital infrastructure or data sets. Users are also equipped with the ability to license data specific to researcher projects.

Earlier this month, the company unveiled — at MOVE 2022 (held at London’s Excel 15-16 June) — its smart platform, Wejo Autonomous Vehicle Operating System. AV-OS will give any AV developer, from OEM to fleet operator, unprecedented access and support.

According to the company, AV-OS will leverage billions of daily data points from millions of connected vehicles, including AV data, to generate AV outcomes. The results will rapidly accelerate the development and adoption of AVs for the world’s leading automakers and fleet developers by opening up and democratizing access to connected vehicle data (CVD).

Recently, the company announced an expansion and extension of its existing collaboration with Microsoft Maps, which will significantly enhance the capabilities of Microsoft’s mapping products, in multiple territories across the world.

On April 5, Wejo launched Wejo RTTITM, a Real-Time Traffic Intelligence solution that can provide critical insights. The data is provided via an up-to-the-minute and holistic view of traffic conditions and safety incidents on roads using aggregated data derived from millions of connected vehicles.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter