Credit: Svea Solar

Wallbox partners with Svea expanding Solar and EV charging to 5 European Markets

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

Wallbox announced Wednesday a partnership with Svea Solar, one of Europe’s fastest-growing cleantech companies expanding its presence to 5 European Markets namely Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Germany.

The company’s chargers will be sold alongside Svea Solar’s solar products providing a complete offer for residential customers and giving them an opportunity to accelerate the reduction of their climate footprint and reduce pressure on the electricity grid.

Wallbox will release its financial results for the second quarter of 2022 before market open on August 10 followed by a conference call at 8:00 AM ET to discuss these results and provide a business update.

Wallbox’s AC chargers all come standard with Eco–Smart, the company’s energy management software which allows users who have a PV-installation in their home to charge their EV with self-produced sustainable energy. Through the Wallbox app users can choose to charge their EV with 100% green energy from their home PV installation, or blend excess solar with grid power, Wallbox said.

“With the drastic increase in energy prices we see a big interest among our customers to become more self-sufficient through clean energy sources. Through this partnership we will be able to offer our customers a smart solution where the car is charged at the right time, when consumption in the house is low and the sun is shining. Combined with our ecosystem of solar panels, batteries and renewable energy contracts, our consumers can drastically decrease their expenses and increase the amount of clean energy”, says Erik Martinson at Svea Solar.


“We are pleased to launch this new partnership with another innovation-driven company such as Svea Solar and help drive the transition to more sustainable energy and electric car use in the market. Working with Svea Solar will open doors to new consumer projects on an international level,” says Masud Rabbani, Chief Business Officer of Wallbox.

Recently, Wallbox said it will partner with Nissan from early July to provide better conditions to customers who purchase its home chargers. The best-seller Pulsar Plus charger is one of the smallest smart universal EV chargers in North America, and can be installed in homes, apartment buildings, and other multi-unit dwellings.

The partnership is part of the automaker’s electrification plan that targets 40% of the sales in the U.S. to be fully electric by 2030. Nissan says that it is “prioritizing EVs and advanced technology” with a $17.6 billion investment and 23 electrified models globally, including 15 new EVs.

After successfully launching in Canada earlier this year, Wallbox announced recently the continuation of its expansion in the North American market. The Spain-based company announces now new facilities in Canada and in the U.S.

Wallbox has begun selling on Best Buy’s online retail platform in Canada, offering smart EV home chargers to meet the growing demands of their customers looking to make the transition to a more electric lifestyle. The retailer is expected to sell the 40 Amp and 48 Amp version of Wallbox’s best-selling charger worldwide, Pulsar Plus.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter