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Polestar teases on Social Media the Polestar 7, its new Electric Sports model

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

Swedish EV maker Polestar said Tuesday it will bring the electric Roadster concept into production with the market launch scheduled for 2026. Although, there’s more hidden in one of the pictures shared by the EV maker on Instagram.

Polestar posted five pictures jointly with its Design Community account– which is curated by the company’s Interior Design Manager JP Bernal — to promote the official announcement of the Polestar 6 production.

In the first four images, there’s nothing else to catch the user’s attention than the hard-top convertible revealed in Los Angeles last March, but that changes in the fifth picture where we can see a covered car right next to the upcoming Polestar 6.

The image is purposely darkened in order not to reveal many details of the lines of what will be the Polestar 7, however, it is possible to see that the Swedish EV maker will stick to the sharp lines on the sports model.


Considering the indicative price of $200,000 for the Polestar 6 model announced on Tuesday, Polestar 7 should aim for a cheaper segment well below $100,000.

When asked on Twitter what is under the cover, the EV maker replied “Only time will tell” followed by an emoji.

In early June, the company announced that its first all-electric SUV Polestar 3 will debut in October 2022 featuring a dual-motor drivetrain and a large battery with a range target of over 600 km.

The model marks the entrance of the Swedish EV maker to “one of the highest margin and growth segments in the automotive industry, particularly in the United States”, Polestar said.

Polestar has now a new President for the Chinese Market. Feng Dan, that previously worked for SAIC-GM for eight years, started on Monday its role in leading Polestar China.

During his time at SAIC-GM, Feng served as the national sales director and head of the business unit of the Cadillac brand increasing sales in China up to 230,000 in 2021. 

Last week, Hertz’s agencies in Australia received the first 100 Polestar 2 amid the 65,000 Polestar EVs purchase announced last April. The country will also receive units from the upcoming SUV Polestar 3 in late 2022/ early 2023.

Recently, the largest U.S. EV subscription company Autonomy placed an order for 23,000 electric vehicles from 17 automakers including 200 Polestar 2 models.

The order with the Swedish EV manufacturer Polestar will generate $10.1 million of Revenue with an average cost of $50,500 per vehicle. Autonomy plans to “expand and diversify its subscription fleet” after starting its business with only Tesla models.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter