NIO hit 200 EVs delivered in Norway while preparing the expansion to another four European countries this year

NIO reached today the 200 electric vehicles delivered in Norway – the first European Market the Chinese EV entered. The Chinese EV sold today another 5 Models on their Oslo NIO Store reaching a total of 204 the European Launching in September 30th. As confirmed during NIO Day – the Annual Event held last December 18th – the company will enter Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark Market during this year.


The much-awaited NIO Norway launch was announced on 6 May 2021 and happened on 30 September 2021. The EV Manufacturer is still selling the older SUV models however both sedan models released during the last two editions of NIO Day might become available in the Norwegian Market during this year. 

Norway is seen as a key market in which to gain a foothold for new BEV (battery electric vehicles) players, including the Chinese NIO and Swedish Volvo Cars affiliate POLESTAR.


According to Auto Industry Association, Norway’s sale of fully Eletric Vehicles rose to 65% Market Share in 2021 From 54% in 2020 making the Scandinavian Country a great option to enter the European Market.

The Scandinavian country has the goal of becoming the first to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2025. Oil-producing Norway has encouraged the switch to zero emission cars by exempting battery electric vehicles (BEVs) from taxes imposed on internal combustion engines (ICE).