The world’s largest asset manager increased its position in Mullen during Q1 2022

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

The world’s largest asset manager BlackRock filed on May 12 a 13F-HR form unveiling the ownership 647,102 shares of the electric vehicle maker Mullen Automotive as of March 31. On February 10, the investment management corporation had disclosed owning 195,101 shares by the end of 2021 representing an increase of an increase of 231.68 percent to the first quarter of 2022.

As of May 14, Mullen has 77 institutional owners and shareholders holding a total of 4,239,780 shares. Largest shareholders include Vanguard Group, Cutler Group LP, BlackRock, ExodusPoint Capital Management, LP, Citigroup Inc, Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Simplex Trading, Llc, and Jackson Wealth Management.

Mullen announced on Tuesday that Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Indiana has completed the cell preconditioning in preparation for cell performance cycling. BIC will enter into high rate cycling as part of the performance-based cycling with those results forthcoming, the company added.

It is expected that this technology, when scaled to the vehicle pack level, will deliver a 150-kilowatt hour, solid-state battery able to deliver over 600 miles of range on a full charge for the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover. In general, solid-state batteries offer higher energy density, faster charging time, smaller size and safety compared to traditional lithium-ion cells.

Last week, Mullen announced that will add Mullen FIVE RS on the second leg of the “Strikingly Different” U.S. test-drive tour. The electric vehicle maker also announced that new tour stops have been added for spring 2023. The Mullen FIVE RS is a high-performance EV featuring close to 1,100 horsepower, 0-60 mph in just 1.95 seconds, and a top speed of almost 200 mph.

Mullen is now extending the “Strikingly Different” tour to spring 2023 in an effort to increase test drive capacity, with the addition of more FIVE variants, including multiple Mullen FIVE RS vehicles. Initially, Mullen will start the national tour in October 2022 and embark on a 19-city journey across the U.S. over six weeks.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter