Mullen says that filed over 130 patents in 24 countries for the Mullen FIVE model

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

Mullen Automotive announced on Wednesday that it has filed over 130 patents in 24 countries related to the interior/ exterior design and styling of its FIVE model. They include areas such as vehicle bodywork, headlights/taillights, doors, mirrors, rims, headliners, seats and steering, according to the company.The company recently announced the “Strikingly Different” U.S. Test Drive Tour for the Mullen FIVE, covering 19 cities across the U.S.

These 130-plus patent applications include 19 U.S. design patent filings (19 distinct designs), each of which is pending and awaiting examination and 117 international design patent filings (seven distinct designs throughout 17 distinct jurisdictions).

Of these 117 international design patent filings, 30 design patents have already been granted as:

  • 7 design patents in Argentina.
  • 7 design patents in Australia.
  • 7 design patents in Bahrain.
  • 2 design patents in China.
  • 7 design patents in New Zealand.

Of the remaining 87 international design patent filings: 6 design patent applications have been indicated as allowable in Russia and 4 design patent applications have been indicated as allowable in the UAE.

The other 77 design patent applications remain pending examination throughout The Hague, Algeria, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Panama, Russia, Thailand and the UAE.

“We fully intend to make the Mullen FIVE available around the world, and these patents, including filings in 24 international countries, show our intended commitment to do so,” said David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive.


On Tuesday, the company announced that it has extended the maturity of a senior secured convertible note of $28 million, originally due in July 2022, by two years. Back in 2020, the Company originally entered into a secured convertible promissory note with DBI Lease Buyback Servicing LLC, an affiliate of Drawbridge Investments LLC.

Now, the Mullen shareholder Esousa Holdings LLC acquired the Note from Drawbridge and entered into an agreement to extend the maturity date until 2024. The original Note was scheduled to mature on July 28, 2022, and the Note is now extended to July 2024.

According to a SEC form filed on Friday evening, Mullen Automotive CEO David Michery sold a total of 150,000 shares at an average price of $1.01017 on Wednesday, June 15. Since mid-March, Michery sold a total of 1.4 million shares. Following this sale, Mullen‘s CEO holds a total of 7.761.066 shares on the company.

Mullen Automotive is now working on the announcement deal with a Fortune 500 company for its Class 1 vehicles but is also in negotiations with “major OEMs” to use Mullen‘s battery technology, as recently confirmed by the CEO, David Michery.

While these negotiations do not have a specific date for conclusions, the announcement of the deal with the F500 company and its details will be revealed before the end of the second quarter, i.e. in the next two weeks.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter