Fisker publishes Environmental Policy ahead of production start in November

The American EV manufacturer Fisker published this Tuesday its Environmental Policy ahead of production, setting the standard for automotive OEMs. Deliveries of the Fisker Ocean will start shortly after production begins in November 2022 in select European countries and the US. Fisker Ocean has a starting price of $37,499 (excludes delivery, finance and government charges) in the US.

“We are publishing our Environmental Policy because transparency builds confidence in our mission and our products. It’s unusual for a new company to publicly commit to people and the planet, but this is fundamentally who we are at Fisker,” says CEO Henrik Fisker. “We are always innovating and pushing the boundaries to lower our carbon footprint. But we cannot do this alone; our fantastic supply chain must join us in this quest, including the carbon-neutral production facility in Austria assembling the Fisker Ocean. We want other companies to learn from what we do, to build a community focused on what matters.”

The Fisker Environmental Policy sets performance standards aligned with widely accepted criteria, greenhouse gas protocol, and regulatory bodies such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The policy outlines the company’s push toward renewable energy sourcing and makes strong ecology statements against arctic shipping and deep seabed mining.


On February, Fisker announced its Earnings after-close and revealed some important data on its products, inclusive about its new Model — Fisker Pear. The company will showcase Fisker Ocean with advanced driver-assistance systems (“ADAS”) features at CES, offering state-of-the-art safety to drivers and passengers. Called Fisker Intelligent Pilot, the ADAS platform integrates four types of sensors: an industry-leading surround-view camera suite, a camera-based driver-monitoring system, ultrasonic technology, and a Digital-Imaging Radar System that Fisker expects to be first to market when the Fisker Ocean begins production in November 2022.

2022 has kicked off at an amazing pace, with continued laser focus on delivery of the Fisker Ocean as priority one. We are now into the next-level prototype build phase and progressing through our vehicle testing and certification plan. Our extremely dedicated and focused team is working closely with all our suppliers to stay on track to deliver the first Fisker Oceans this year in November. Amid global semiconductor and other supply constraints, we work regularly in collaboration with key partners to identify and mitigate any issues.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fisker

Fisker Ocean reservations are over 30,000 as of February 14, 2022 (net of cancellations), including 1,600 fleet reservations (we recently received an incremental 200 unit order from ServiceNow). This compares to 18,600 (including 1,400 fleet) as of our Q3 2021 earnings call in November 2021. The net daily retail reservation rate in 2022 year-to-date has increased more than 400% compared to FY2021 and is on an annualized pace of over 55,000.

“Europe is essential to our company as we work towards the start of production in November at a carbon-neutral factory in Austria”, he added. “We aim to make the world’s most sustainable vehicle and to start deliveries in Europe this year.  Ultimately, we expect to sell 60,000 units annually in the region”.

Fisker is developing a comprehensive and well-integrated European strategy. In 2021, the Manhattan Beach, California-based startup established an office in Munich and is rapidly adding staff to serve a fast-growing electric vehicle market. 

The company is constructing its first European-based brand experience centre in Munich, with plans for additional centres in other European countries. The company’s industry-leading warranty will be supported by service centres throughout the region. For service, the company is offering at-home vehicle pick-up, or Fisker Mobile Service, for customers who prefer that skilled technicians come to them.