Fisker CEO to Apple “If you are looking for someone to design your new car, give us a shout!”

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

Apple TV show Tehran featured, on the first episode of the second season, a Fisker Karma model. The episode of Emmy Award winning series went online on May 6 and Henrik Fisker quickly reacted on his Instagram account saying: “If you are looking for someone to design your new car, give us a shout!””

“What a surprise to see the Fisker Karma on Apple TV show Tehran 2 – Apple Great taste in cars! If you are looking for someone to design your new car, give us a shout!”, Henrik said. When asked about a new Karma for the future, Fisker CEO claimed “= RONIN”, the 4 door convertible that the EV maker announced last week.

The plug-in sports sedan was launched by Fisker in 2012 being manufactured at Valmet Automotive in Finland. After delivering around 1,800 units, the production was suspended in late 2012 when the sole battery supplier A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy following two battery recalls.


Last week, Apple has recruited Desi Ujkashevic, Ford’s Global Director, Global Automotive Safety Engineering Office to ramp up the development of Apple Car, according to a report from Bloomberg, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

According to MacRumours, Apple is now rumored to be working on a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle that will not require user intervention to drive, going further than any other car manufacturer to date. It’s a highly ambitious project, and rumors indicate that Apple wants to design a car with no steering wheel and no pedals.

Apple’s AI and machine learning chief John Giannandrea is heading up the Apple Car project, and Kevin Lynch, known for his work on the Apple Watch, has also joined the Car team and it said to be largely responsible for Apple’s push toward a self-driving car, the publication says.

Last week, Henrik Fisker unveiled that the Project RONIN is a 4 door convertible targeting 600 mile range. Henrik also disclosed that the model will feature 3 motors and reach 0-60mph “close to 2 seconds”.

On the same day that announced its third EV model, Fisker released its Q1 2022 Financial Results evening followed by a Conference Call. Henrik Fisker unveiled high ambitions for the upcoming PEAR model saying that the three derivatives will enable the company to sell “a million PEARs a year sometime in 2027”.

On Wednesday, Fisker CEO commented on his the announcement of the new model: Project Ronin that will be unveiled in August 2023. The GT will feature unique doors for better ingress and egress and a luxurious, sustainable vegan interior that plots a new, advanced design direction.

“Fisker RONIN, an innovative, high-tech electric GT Sports Car. Battery pack integrated into the structure for more efficiency and lower weight. Range over 550 miles. Expected pricing; starting just under $200k . Showing prototype august next year!”, Henrik said.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter