Uber EVs increased 160% in 2021 on the U.S., Canada, and European platform

Regarding Uber Investing Day, the company said that Electric vehicles in its US, Canada, European platform have increased by 160% in 2021 to 15,400 EVs.

The company also annoubnced a partnership with Motional, a global leader in driverless technology, to launch autonomous deliveries for Uber consumers. Motional’s all-electric vehicles will conduct deliveries from select Uber Eats restaurants. Piloting in Santa Monica, and following a robotic delivery partnership with Serve Robotics, this marks our first delivery partnership with an autonomous vehicle technology provider.

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According to Reuters, Mexican electric car provider VEMO and U.S. car hailing platform Uber announced on Tuesday an alliance to boost the number of electric vehicles in the platform’s Mexico City fleet during 2022. 

The first phase of the pilot plan will add 250 electric vehicles to the app and is set to be completed in the first quarter, according to a statement published by Uber.

Adding those vehicles, rather than petrol vehicles, will save an average of 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, the equivalent of planting 250,000 trees, said Roberto Rocha, VEMO’s general director.


Maharashtra will offer companies like Amazon.com Inc and Uber new incentives to electrify their delivery fleets ahead of a 2025 target for cleaner air, its environment minister told Reuters. 

One of India’s richest states and home to the financial hub of Mumbai, Maharashtra is an important market for e-commerce, ride-hailing and food delivery companies. Last year, it set a target for such companies to electrify 25% of their fleet by 2025.