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Mobileye starts testing Level 4 Autonomous Driving in Detroit with over 50 NIO ES8s

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

The Autonomous Driving company Mobileye announced on Thursday that started testing its program of the Level 4 Self-Driving solution in Detroit with over 50 NIO ES8s. The company added that the model will form the basis of the robotaxi services that are being prepared to roll out “in the coming months” with their partners in Germany and Israel.

In a tweet, Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua said that the company enters now the next phase testing program entering its next phase as our fully autonomous vehicle lands in Detroit, United States.

Mobileye benefits from several innovations including True Redundancy™ sensing, Road Experience Management™ (REM) crowdsourced mapping, and Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) driving policy.

Mobileye was founded in 1999 to develop AI computer vision algorithms for advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) besides its autonomous solutions portfolio that allows the company to integrate its technology in nearly 120 million vehicles.

Under our True Redundancy approach, the camera subsystem operates independently of the radar/lidar subsystem, providing more robust sensing of road conditions and other traffic, while also providing safety-critical redundancy as each subsystem complements its fellow subsystem, the company explained.

A fleet of NIO ES8 autonomous vehicles equipped with Mobileye Drive at our headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel.

The tests in Detroit will alow the company to exposure its technology to the “everyday challenges of American driving, and some unique local roadway characteristics (like Michigan lefts) further verifying its capabilities”.

“Our Detroit testing of Mobileye Drive is helping us ensure that the system can bring forward the global commercialization of autonomous driving technology and deliver on its promise to vastly improve road safety,” said Johann “JJ” Jungwirth, Senior Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles at Mobileye.

“We take the challenge of proving the capabilities of our technology seriously. By testing in the birthplace of the American automotive industry, we expect to make major progress toward our goals,” he added.


The company has worked closely with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to ensure the safe operation of the vehicles on U.S. roads having a highly trained safety driver behind the wheel in Detroit tests.

In the months ahead, Mobileye teased that will have “more milestones to announce around the progress of Mobileye Drive”.

Earlier this week, the company announced its Q2 earnings results reporting a revenue of $1.536 billion, an increase of 21.8% from the second quarter of 2021. As of June 30, the company had cash and cash equivalents of RMB54.4 billion ($8.1 billion).

Last week, the company announced the delivery of 10,677 units in July 2022, representing an increase of 81.6% when compared to the same period in 2021 and an increase of 6.22% sequentially. The deliveries consisted of 7,551 SUVs (ES8, ES6, EC6 and ES7) and 3,126 ET7s.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter